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Late night thoughts: Capturing ME in a photo

Today Carmelo took some photos of me and when I saw one particular photo of me, my immediate reaction was “THAT is me”. It’s not that the other photos that Carmelo took of me today weren’t of me, but this particular photo, to me, captures the expression, mood, vibe and “aura” of who I think makes me me. I particularly like Carmelo’s black and white edit. There’s something about the hair, the expression in the eyes and the colour of the lips that makes me feel like this photo is really me.


Over the past year, since I’ve been blogging and vlogging I’ve had a lot of pictures taken of me (both by myself and Carmelo) and it got me wondering… Which photos are capturing me? Of course, all photos of me (my body) are of me, but some photos are photos of my art, they’re photos of looks that I create for myself because I think that they make a nice photo, but they’re not photos that depict who I think is me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE playing dress up and feeling not like myself… That is partly why I create looks for my blog.

Now I should make it clear that I’m very picky and fussy about what photos of myself I publish. At the time of publication, I always think that the photos I published capture my art perfectly.

I’ll tell you what I mean about this through some examples but I understand that this post is possibly one of my weirdest. Anyhow.

Let’s start with this look below. Here I was wearing double French braids and hooped earrings. I love double French braids but somehow, particularly when paired with gold hooped earrings, they don’t feel me.  I wear them out and love them, but it’s when I want to look more sassy than I am. The braids by themselves can feel like me, but the pairing with the hooped earrings is what feels less me. 🙂

Kat Von D Lolita II


The colourful eye makeup look below, and most colourful makeup look photos. This particular photo is almost me. It’s me on a very good day but it’s not me in general. I love this look, but all the colour doesn’t make me feel like me. Again, I do love wearing very colourful looks, but I love how they look, they just don’t feel like me.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Makeup Look

I must include this photo below in this series. I loved wearing these green trousers and colourful top but this is a day where I absolutely felt like I wasn’t me but I loved every second of it. I went nuts. I paired it with colourful makeup, a very sassy high bun and some gold jewellery from I walked around feeling bright and sassy.



I love creating looks and taking photos but not all photos capture me. So which photos do capture me? Apart from the picture that inspired this post, here are some more photos that I think capture me below…

Calm face, crazy hair. Sometimes things around me do seem chaotic. I do my best to keep calm.



Sometimes I don’t keep calm. And you can tell.



Sometimes I do things that not many people do.CES_8205


If I’m ever happy/euphoric… you can tell.



And I’ll end this with another picture that I feel captures an all round me.Going To FLormar Makeup Look


So that’s me. It’s almost 1am when I’m posting this and I understand that in the morning I might wake up and think wtf was I writing last night? … But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it entertaining. Do let me know what you think 🙂


Luisa Viola Denim Dress from Lilly Mae in Sliema

A denim dress is a must have this season and this Luisa Viola denim dress from Lilly Mae in Sliema is perfect for the summer months. This has a thin and light fabric, and it also has some cute small sequins on the shoulders and on the pockets. This dress feels comfortable, flows beautifully and it’s perfect for summer.
The nice thing about this dress is that it can be accessorised in numerous ways. I was feeling very summery so I went for a bright yellow bag and shoes and  a bright orange lipstick that also matches my nails.

All photos in this post were taken by Carmelo Establier. The last photo in this set truly shows how I feel about this dress haha <3

If you like this dress, check out Lilly Mae at 12 Tigne Place, Tigne Street, Sliema.



MFWA2016 Day 7: OOTD Elena Mirò from Lilly Mae



When I first went to Lilly Mae and had a chat with Maria I spotted these Elena Mirò Kaftans and immediately fell in love! These Kaftans were central in the Elena Mirò segment of the Lilly Mae fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week. All the photos in this post are by Carmelo Establier from

They are made made with silk that is printed with floral photography from Gian Paolo Barbieri. They have an asymmetrical neckline with a black strap at one of the shoulders. These kaftans are perfect for the Mediterranean summer, with a very light and comfortable fabric and they’re very easy to wear either with your favourite pair of jeans or a smart pair of black or white trousers.

Below you can see a picture of the three beautiful models — Sarah Mercieca, Martha Fenech and Shanel De Battista — who rocked three of the gorgeous Elena Mirò kaftans in the fashion show. I’m obsessed and how the fabric flows. When I first tried on one of the kaftans at Lilly Mae I couldn’t stop twirling around with my arms open to see the floral fabric flowing.


Elena Miro Kaftans at Lilly Mae

Sarah Mercieca, Martha Fenech and Shanel De Battista wearing Elena Miro Kaftans from Lilly Mae

I wore the Elena Miro Kaftan with back pull up trousers from Basler. These trousers have an elasticated waist band, they are incredibly well made and they are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of trousers I’ve ever worn. Certainly a must have in your wardrobe.

I’ll end this post with a picture of the beautiful Maria herself. She’s wearing this floral blazer from Basler that is also impeccably made and looks very flattering.

Photo:Carmelo Establier more about Elena Mirò at Lilly Mae check out my previous post about Elena Mirò here.

MFWA2016: Makeup & Outfit Day for New Designers Fashion Show

The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week is finally here! I can finally share my exciting news with you. I’ve teamed up with Lilly Mae boutique to bring you outfit of the day photos  for  each day of the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week and I’ll also show you my makeup for the day.

All photos in this post less my makeup closeup photo are by Carmelo Establier.

So here’s my first outfit!


Today’s outfit is for a morning event, the new designer’s fashion show. Details on the event will be on my blog later today. I’m taking the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week as an opportunity to go crazy with my outfits AND my makeup. Today’s outfit is by the designer Louisa Viola from Lilly Mae boutique and it’s certainly a statement with green linen trousers and a green flowing top with floral prints and purple linings. The fabric of the outfit was perfect for the warm weather in Malta this morning.



For my makeup, I was inspired by the green and purple in the floral design of the top that I was wearing.

I managed to get a photo of my makeup before leaving the house. Of course I wanted to wear purple lips because of the purple in the top and for my eyes I went with some purple and pink in my crease and bright green in the inner corner. I wore my hair in a high top knot because I felt like it matched the outfit.

Makeup of the DayI was absolutely thrilled to get a front row seat for the shows. As you can see haha

I had to get a snap with a few of my favourite Maltese Bloggers who were at the event. Left to right: Lourdes Gio, Caroline Abela and on my other side there’s Grazielle Camilleri 🙂

More Bloggers


Finally, I had to get a picture with the man who’s the lead organiser of the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week and Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards, Adrian Mizzi. He’s been working tirelessly to make this event go as smoothly as can be and from his Facebook posts I can see how passionate this man is and how much he truly cares about getting every last detail right.



More to come!

Accessories are sponsored by I Am Jewellery and Accessories 


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Review

Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

I recently purchased this NUXE Dry Oil from Feelunique, mainly because I love the brandNUXE and  because I saw Tati from Glam Life Guru talking about it. (I love her!)

I had this for about four weeks now and it’s time for a review!

This is indeed what it says on the tin. It’s an oil that when I apply it and rub it into my skin, my skin feels dry and non greasy after it is absorbed.

This oil comes in a 50ml glass bottle with a plastic stopper. It’s very easy to dispense one drop at a time.

It smells like Jasmine and this is something I love about it because it almost works like my first layer of perfume and Jasmine is by far my favorite floral scent. It reminds me of the time I lived in India and used to walk by a lady threading jasmine flowers on the street on my way to work. The street smelt divine everyday.

Back to this oil. I find that it hydrates my arms and body but somehow, my legs (particularly from the knee down) are drier than than the rest of my body. This does help moisturise them but the moisture doesn’t last a full 24 hours.

I have used thisNUXE dry oil on my face under foundation or as a moisturiser and it hasn’t broken me out or irritated my skin. I’ve also used this on my hair and it works beautifully for taming some fly aways.

All in all I’m really enjoying this dry oil and I see myself using more and more of this.