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You’re tagged! — 10 Loves and 10 Hates Tag



I’ve been tagged! I love doing tags. 😀

The lovely Jessica Fisher tagged me to do the Loves and Hates tag where essentially, I simply have to mention 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. You can check out Jessica’s post here.

I’m going to start off with hates since I prefer to end things on a positive note! Things are listed in no particular order 🙂


1. Nice things are almost always expensive — Why can’t all the makeup, clothes, accessories, perfumes and other things that I want to buy not cheap? It hurts my feelings every day.

2. Loud chewing or chewing with an open mouth — No, I don’t want to see what your food looks like while you’re chewing it. And stop chewing loudly!

3. Black eyeliners that I put in my lower waterline — Why do they always fade? Is there such a thing that will make my lower waterline black that will last all day?

4. When my cat is done cuddling and I’m not — I just can’t deal with the rejection. We’re all having a good time having a good cuddle when suddenly she decides that she’s had enough. Ouch.

5. Driving & Parking — Especially in Malta, I never feel safe. I’m never at ease while driving and most of the time, when I get to my destination and need to park my car, I spend another ten minutes trying to find a parking space. I’m not too keen on parking in tight spots either.

6. Waking up before  I’m done with sleeping — Sleep is precious to me. If I don’t get enough sleep I feel groggy all day, my day’s not productive and I feel like I’m wasting my life. Yes, I need my sleep.

7. When someone points out a flaw like I’ve never noticed it before — What? A mountain is growing out of the tip of my nose? How did I miss that when I spent 45 mins in front of the mirror before going out? I’ve gained weight? Noo that’s just some extra water that I drank last night. I’ll just go pee and I’ll go back to being skinny. ktnxbai… *ten mins of peeing later* … Oh, what’s this flab that I have here? WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?!?!

8. When people can’t do logic — One way to absolutely drive me round the bend is to have discussions with me where you refuse to use logic, even if explain to you in easy ways.

9. Feeling cold — I get cold very quickly and I hate feeling cold and having to wear layers and layers of clothing.

10. Actions that come from bad intentions — This has to be my biggest hate in the world. No good ever comes out of any action that is carried out by someone who has intentions to cause anything that’s not positive. I wish that all people were peaceful and never act with intentions of hurting, harming, damaging others.


1. Makeup, Beauty, Skincare & Hair products — Anything that falls under these categories, I’m into!

2. Travel — I think traveling and opening my mind to different cultures is very important. I like doing it any time I can.

3. Fashion — I love fashion and I really wish I can sew so that I can design and make my own pieces. It’s such a beautiful art.

4. Anything artistic and creative — I love anything anything that’s new to me and/or that I find to be very creative. Particularly, when someone or something can make me rethink something that I’ve known of for a long time, this really makes me happy.

5. The sun and the sea — I love summer in Malta and I feel really lucky that I’ve been able to be in Malta for most of this summer. I love the sea and the sun and I’m at bliss when I’m at the beach.

6. Good, usable and useful designs — And I hate bad design of anything that’s anything on the face of the earth. I could have mentioned this in my hates as well because I more commonly come across bad designs than good ones but when I do, I get very excited.

7. Cats — And most things feline.

8. Youtube & Grey’s Anatomy —  There are loads of youtubers that I love watching (mostly beauty/lifestyle related) and my favourite TV show for a hot minute has been Grey’s Anatomy. Watching the show has turned into a ritual for me.

9. Music — I play the piano and the flute and I love both playing and listening to music, any music. Music has the capacity to allow me to express myself when playing and also to change my mood when listening. Relaxing music has got me through some incredibly stressful times.

10. Supportive people in my life — Especially my boyfie. I enjoy being with him and he’s particularly talented at picking me up when I’m down. Or worried/panicked about something.

Woo! Done!

As for people I’d like to tag, there are too many! I’ll mention a few…

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5. And all of you who are reading this! Link my up to your 10 loves and 10 hates!


Moving from Birmingham to Malta — My six years in the UK

Here’s a personal post.

I’ve been living in the UK for the last 6 years (5 years, 11 months to be exact). I originally came here to do a year long Master’s degree but what can I say, I got sucked in.

In 2009 I moved to Swansea, Wales. I did a Master’s degree in Computer Science and after that, I applied and got funding to do a PhD. I didn’t say no, of course, so those where my next 3 years, 5 months of my life living in Swansea. I can say that in my case, doing a PhD wasn’t technically challenging, but the psychology of doing a PhD and working on a research project for over three years then writing it up was tough. Having the motivation to move forward is hard, but the worry of whether I’ve done enough work and whether I’ve wasted three years of my life was tougher. I was fine. Well, I had a PhD so I was looking for a postdoc job, and that took me to Aberdeen, Scotland.

After 1 month of working in Scotland, the professor I went there to work with, announced that he’s going to be retiring that year. Things were looking south from then on. After familiarising myself with the project I was working on, I noticed that not enough “good things” were done on the project that had been running for five years. I was getting seriously worried about how things were running.

Most of the time, after getting a PhD, an academic career entails a few successive contracts before hopefully getting a permanent job. Prestigious jobs, great experience, but an uncertain future and little to none job security. Of course, with bills to pay, this does get stressful. Academic jobs take a while to secure, so during my time in Aberdeen I was on a job hunt. Towards the end of my initial contract, I realised that it was a good job that I was doing so. The lab director was getting me to jump hoops while giving me hope to stay on, and I was led by a carrot on a stick to motivate me to get my contract extended in Aberdeen. I had two job offers, one in Birmingham and the other in Portugal. On the last day of my contract in Aberdeen, I was offered a 6 month extension. Of course, after all I was put through, I declined. Human Resources was furious with the director for treating me like that, so they enforced the one month notice period rule. So, he paid me an extra month’s salary while I was off to Birmingham.

In Birmingham, I was employed to work on a knowledge transfer project between the university and a factory. Most of my time was spent at the factory, learning how things work. I could write a whole book about my first five weeks in Birmingham but put briefly, I was shocked, horrified and infuriated that there exist companies here in the UK, in 2015, that run like this. In my first week, I was talking with a machine operator, and she told me that her dad died on Monday, on Tuesday she asked the director to take  two days unpaid leave to go to Poland for her dad’s funeral. The director declined. She spent the rest of the week working while crying on the shop floor. I heard numerous similar stories that violate basic human rights that happen in that factory. With me personally, the director would not cooperate on getting the government funded project done, denying me access to basic tools to allow me to get the job done. Five weeks into my project, the governing authority realised this, and they pulled out the funding. The university was responsible for me keeping working with the university, and I have since had a much better job there. My time working with the university has been fantastic.

Of course, I love Malta, and I’ve been aiming to get a job in Malta and live in Malta for the past two years or so. Luckily, this year a position opened that was suitable for me, I applied and got the job. So now, I’m moving to Malta.

Today, my boyfriend and I finished packing our house, the moving company came and collected our stuff and tomorrow I’m closing all my bills here, handing over my house keys and flying off to Malta.

Overall, it seemed like my job in Aberdeen and the first 5 weeks in Birmingham were dire. Honestly, looking back, it’s really helped me learn about the world and it really helped me figure out what I want to be doing with the rest of my life. Quite admittedly,  during my PhD, most of my life was about trying to finish it successfully, but when it was done, there’s was a kind of withdrawal. I didn’t have a constant, clear goal anymore.

So yeah, these past six years have given me my fair share of ups and downs but looking back, I look back with a fond memory of all the good times I’ve had with great friends from all over the world who I’ve met in Wales, Scotland and England.

If you’re in Malta, I hope to meet you soon!




Lessons learnt from daily blogging for the #30DaysOfBeautyChallenge



I was tagged to do the #30DaysOfBeautyChallenge and I thought sure, let’s go for it. I started out by uploading daily Instagram photos but on Day 3 I decided that I should start blogging with this as well. So I wrote blog posts for the first three days then continued to post Instagram photos and related blog posts daily for the rest of the 30 days.

I had set up this website and this blog and decided that the #30DaysOfBeautyChallenge is an excellent way of getting me started with my blog. I wanted to share my thoughts on topics and products and also see whether regular blogging is something I can do.

First off, I set off with not being too hard on myself. I set off with knowing that these will not be the perfect blog posts but they will be my thoughts on a web page with some relevant photo. Some days in the challenge got me thinking that I don’t have much to say about a particular topic, but once I started putting words down into a post, my thoughts and words seemed to flow out. If I wasn’t prompted by this challenge, I wouldn’t have thought of writing posts about certain topics.

Let’s face it. Life does get in the way. I have a full time job that can be quite calm or quite busy. My work time sometimes does overflow into my personal time and this makes it hard to make time to write a blog post on some days.

During one week of this challenge, my boyfriend’s parents were visiting. We were spending most days with them, showing them around the city and I didn’t want to miss out or be anti social. So before they turned up, I prepared a few blog posts in advance. This was challenging, more so because I wanted to finish off my work in advance as well so I can spend time with my guests. Towards the end of their stay, there was a day when we randomly decided to make a trip to Oxford and Stonehenge. The problem was that I didn’t have any blog posts pre written for that day. So of course, me being my stubborn self, refusing to miss a day, I wrote a blog post on my phone in the car. Luckily I had some internet connection and I also managed to publish it. Cool.

Other days, I spend a whole day at work and then my partner meets me in town and we go out for dinner. My partner wants to enjoy my company, I want to do my blog posts, so I chill and relax over dinner as usual, then when I’m back home and before I go to sleep, I write and publish a blog post. Again, I wasn’t aiming for perfection, I was simply getting myself to do it.

I’ve learnt a few things from this process:

1. I have more to share than I thought I did

2. Having a set plan with writing prompts is very useful

3. It gets easier and quicker over time… And I can get better at it by doing it regularly

4. There are certainly circumstances where there’s a good reason not to post. There are a lot of days when refusing to not do it will help you find a way to do it — And that’s rewarding

5. On quite a small scale of success (come on, it’s a 30 day challenge), deciding to finish before starting is a good way of finishing. This has applied to more challenging things I’ve done in my life and sticking to my guns is what got me through the days when I simply didn’t want to do it.

In the end it’s been fun and rewarding. Now I know I can blog regularly…. If I want to. 🙂




Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself…

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by my little part of the interwebs.

I’m Zeza, from a little Mediterranean Island, Malta. I live in sunny Birmingham, in the UK and I love all things girly: Makeup; Skin care; Hair; Nails; Fashion and more.

I recently decided to start blogging and vlogging about things that I love. Admittedly, it takes up more time than I had anticipated! Nevertheless, I’m enjoying being more active on social media and giving my little contribution to whoever is interested in it.

I hope that you enjoy my blog, do let me know what you think. I’m very interested in getting to know you, my readers & subscribers.

If you’d like to find me on other social media, just click on my social media buttons below.