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Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Collection | Reviews and Swatches


Pupa Milano Intense Kajal & Made To Last & Balm Oil



Yesterday I received a PR Package from Pupa Milano’s importers in Malta with some new products from the Bronze Fever Collection. I immediately ripped it open to see what I got and swatched everything (see below).
Pupa Milano Intense Kajal & Made To Last & Balm Oil Swatches


I got the Kajal Liner in 003 Nude, the Made to Last waterproof eyeshadow stick in 015 and the Balmy Oil in 004.

This morning I used all these products together and I’ve been wearing this makeup look throughout the day.

Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Line
I’ll give you the run down on each of these products starting with the Kajal Liner in 003 Nude. I used this liner in my top and bottom waterlines. This is very soft and pigmented and it was great for brightening up my eyes. The product itself worked perfectly. I never used a Kajal liner in this shape before. It doesn’t twist up and all of the product is exposed when the cap is removed. While using this I was wondering what this is going to be like when I use up more of it. Will it be very thick and blunt when I get to the end? Will it get dry because it’s exposed? I think if it was in a regular pencil form it would also be better for hygene but the product itself is really excellent.

Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Collection

The next product I tried is the Made to Last Shadow stick. This does precisely what it says it does and I’m super impressed with it. To use this I first put a transition shadow in my crease and then I applied this shadow stick directly to my lid and blended it out with my fingers. So far I’ve been wearing it for 10 hours in the hot Malta climate and I have absolutely no signs of fading or creasing. When I swatched it on my hand yesterday it was difficult to remove the swatch so this certainly meets its made to last claim! The colour I got is 015 and it’s a light maroon with warm, brown undertones. This shadow stick also comes with a sharpener at the end and this is really excellent because if this needs sharpening I don’t have to fumble around in my makeup drawer to find my makeup sharpener (yes, that’s always a thing when one of my pencils needs sharpening). This product gets two thumbs up, five stars and my highest recommendation. I want all of the shades!

Pupa Milano Balm Oil

Finally the Balmy Oil. This is a lip balm that looks like a lip gloss, feels like a balm and has a slight tint of colour. This is STUNNING and another two thumbs up, five stars and my highest recommendation. It feels very comfortable on the lips, it has a medium to thick texture that stays put on the lips until you remove it (or eat or whatever), it doesn’t settle into the lines on my lips and the thick texture and glossy finish actually make my lips look a bit plumper than they actually are. The slight wash of colour is gorgeous. What really impressed me about this product is that I removed it about 5 hours ago to have lunch and until now my lips are feeling very hydrated and well nourished. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a lip balm that left my lips feeling so nourished for this many hours after I’ve removed it. As for wear time, this isn’t designed as a long wearing product but it didn’t budge until I removed it myself. I hate eating with creamy or balmy products on my lips.

Check out the rest of the Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Collection on their website. I’m really intrigued about that face and body highlight product.

Here’s the price list for the Bronze Fever Collection

Made to Last Waterproof Eyeshadow. € 10.80

Vamp! Intense Kajal €11.10

Balmy Oil  € 11.25

Face and Body Highlighter € 15.25

Lasting Colour Gel  € 6.15


And if you’re in Malta, you can find the range from these outlets:

SLIEMA: Monopole Bisazza Street

B’BUGIA: The Secret

: Martin’s Pharmacy

QRENDI: Kolour Tips

MARSASCALA : Essence Hair & Beauty

MARSAXLOKK: Epoca Beauty Salon

ZEBBUG: De Rohan Pharmacy

ZURRIEQ: Kristianne Pharmacy

Makeup Geek Masquerade Foiled Eyeshadow

Makeup Geek Masquerade

Makeup Geek Masquerade Makeup Look

Recently I’ve been just a little bit obsessed with wearing this Makeup Geek Masquerade eyeshadow in several ways.

On the Makeup Geek website it’s described as follows:

The Bottom Line:
Bright medium plum with warm undertones and a foiled finish bright warm plum.

About The Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows
With these rich and intensely-hued shades, the new Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows go beyond your standard line of cosmetics, introducing you to a new and powerful cosmetic experience.

Makeup Geek Masquerade

Makeup Geek Masquerade Pan

Yesterday I published a youtube video (linked below) of a first impressions and makeup tutorial using this eyeshadow and since I filmed that, I’ve been playing around with this eyeshadow a little bit more.

I find that without a base, the eyeshadow isn’t as vibrant as I was expecting. Although it’s a foiled eyeshadow I don’t find that it gives the same foiled effect as the other foiled eyeshadows that I own. Here’s a swatch of Masquerade over the bases that I’ve tried. I swatched these by rubbing my finger over the pan several times then trying to get the eyeshadow to look as vibrant as possible on the different bases.

Makeup Geek Masquerade Swatch

Makeup Geek Masquerade Swatch (click to enlarge)

The first swatch from the left is Masquerade by itself. It’s a nice colour for a not so bright makeup look, but it’s not what I was expecting from a foiled eyeshadow and to me, it looks very different to what it looks like in the pan.

Next is a swatch of Masquerade over the Mac Soft Ochre Paint Pot. I find that this dulls down the pink tones but it’s a very wearable, beautiful plum shade.

Over the NYX Milk Jumbo liner, I find that this looks more plum than any other base. It’s great for quite a neutral plum look. Also very beautiful and easy to wear.

Next, I tried this shadow over two black bases. The Urban Decay Perversion liner is what I used in the first impression video. I find that this liner is good as a base because the edges can be blended out to leave a gradient effect. The colour comes off deeper, more blue toned, and it looks more foiled.

Finally, I’m not quite sure what crossed my mind, but I tried the Stila All Day waterproof liquid liner. I am in love and quite impressed with how this shadow swatches over this liquid liner. However, a word of warning, working with this liquid liner as a base did require blending with some black shadow over the edges after applying Masquerade on top of it. The liquid liner does not blend like any regular (sane) black eyeshadow base so the blending has to be done after applying the shadow. Masquerade over the Stila All Day Waterproof liquid liner gives off the most vibrant and foiled effect. With the rest of my makeup, it looked very bright. Of course, this look isn’t for everyone — but I’m into it.

Here are some bonus pictures of this makeup look since I’m officially obsessed with how this shadow looks over the liquid liner. Other shadows I’m wearing are Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, Unexpected and In The Spotlight for the inner corner. There’s also some Milani Love Potion in the crease,  and a DeliPlus black shadow for blending out Masquerade.

A makeup look using Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow Masquerade

A makeup look using Makeup Geek Masquerade With Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner as a base

You can compare Masquerade to how it looked over Urban Decay Perversion in the video down below.



Makeup Geek Dirty Martini — Swatch, Review & Look

When I was about 15/16 I used to love wearing a dark military green smokey eye, I thought it was very flattering. When I was last visiting Malta I came across that eyeshadow while I was clearing out my old makeup and I remembered how much I love it so of course, I decided to look for a similar shade.

From reading online reviews, I found this Makeup Geek colour called Dirty Martini. On the Makeup Geek website it didn’t look like the colour I was going for, but from reviews I believed that it was. I ordered it anyway and yes, it is what I was going for 😀

Makeup Geek Dry Martini Swatch

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini Pan & Swatch

Here’s the shadow in the pan and in a swatch on my hand. This swatch is from me rubbing my finger on the pan and rubbing my finger on my hand to get the most colour from my finger onto the swatch.

From the Makeup Geek website, this colour is described as follows:

All About This Color:
Darker and more serious than the Appletini, this olive green eyeshadow will have you looking sophisticated, yet mysterious. The question is one olive or two?

The Bottom Line:
Matte olive green

It is certainly a matte olive green, I would also describe it as a military green (like a green you would find in camouflage). I found that the Makeup Geek swatches were misleading, but this is certainly the colour I was going for from reading reviews. It has some slight warm undertones that make it a very pretty colour.

The pigmentation on this colour isn’t as intense as I was hoping for. It’s certainly less intense than other Makeup Geek shadows I’ve tried but it does build up.

The texture of this shadow is very slightly more dry than other Makeup Geek shadows such as Bitten, Cocoa Bear, Mocha, but I didn’t have a problem in applying it because of this.

I’m very pleased with how this blends — It’s very similar to my favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadows in that regard. The longevity of the shadow is also on par.

Below you can see how I wore this in a makeup look. With my eyes open, it looks fine. In the second photo where I’m looking down, you can see that the application looks a little patchy because of the pigmentation. The camera certainly picked up on the patchiness but in person it simply looked like it was not as intense. Using a base and possibly applying more product would help this, but in this look I was simply seeing how Dirty Martini works by itself.

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini Makeup Look

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini Makeup Look

The other shadows I’m wearing here are all from Makeup Geek: Peach Smoothie, Latte, Mocha and Starry Eyed in the inner corner.

I enjoyed wearing this colour on my eyes and I like how it goes with my brown eyes. It’s certainly the look I was going for so I’m very glad that I got this shade. I like the tastes of 16 year old me.

Final Verdict

I’m in love with this colour, its blendability and longevity. If you’re thinking of buying this, do keep in mind that it’s less pigmented and very slightly drier than other Makeup Geek shadows but I wouldn’t say that it’s bad enough to stop you from getting this. I personally enjoyed using it and I’ll continue to enjoy doing so 🙂