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Pink soft makeup look

Event Makeup Look

Event Makeup Look

I wore this makeup look to the Melita Health and Beauty event last week and I got quite a bit of compliments on my eyeshadow look so I thought I’d say what I was wearing 😀

As for my base makeup, I’m wearing the Flormar Lifting Foundation, Mac Pro Longwear Concealer and set with Mac Mineralize SkinFinish powder in Light Plus. I bronzed up my face using the Mac Give me Sun Bronzer then I went in with some Milani Luminoso Blush and some Sleek Solstice Highlight.

On my eyes I’m wearing eyeshadows from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. First went in with Golden Ochre and Burnt Orange to put in a crease shadow. Then I went in with Love Letter in my crease, Read Ochre a it lower and a tiny bit of Cyprus Umber in the very inner crease. Essentially, nude first, then a couple of pinks and finally brown 🙂

As for my liner I tried to do a smokey liner using a black shadow (any black shadow will do) and I did my brows using my trusty Anastasia brow shadows. I’ve hit pan really badly on this, shadow.. It’s what I always wear.

For mascara I’m wearing the Pupa Milano Diva’s Lashes Mascara and on my lips I’m wearing Mac Whirl Lipstick with Mac Brave in the centre.



Rose gold makeup look

I’ve been unwell lately and managed to land myself a four day stay in hospital because of a very bad chest infection. I’m finally starting to feel better even though I’m not 100% yet. I haven’t put on makeup in over a week (that’s when you know that I’m really unwell) and today I thought I’d pull myself together, whip out my Stila Magnificent Metals glitter in rose gold and play with it. I’ll talk more about the product in a future post, but here’s the look I wore today.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the no eyeliner look. Although… here I wore big lashes with a black lash band and it looks like I’m wearing eyeliner anyway. For the eye look I simply put on a crease shadow that’s slightly darker than my natural skin tone then went in with the Stila Magnificent Metals product and used it as my lid shadow. I loved it.

On my lips I’m wearing a Sephora cream lip stain in a metallic peachy shade.

So yeah… I feel like this is a makeup look that makes me look alive. I enjoyed wearing it 🙂


Pink and Gold Makeup Look

Modern Renaissance Palette Makeup Look


I realised that I haven’t taken a proper makeup selfie in a while and finally, today I had the time to sit down, put on some of my recent makeup favourites and take a photo (all while Carmelo was impatiently yelling at me to tell me that we’re going to be late for meeting up with some friends, of course).

In this makeup look I’m wearing quite a few products that I haven’t mentioned here and they really do deserve some spotlight. In this post I’m just going to mention some of the products that I’m currently really excited about 🙂

For foundation I’m using the EstĂ©e Lauder Double Wear foundation. I got this back in Gibraltar last month and I’m absolutely loving it. High coverage, not cakey and it lasts all day. I’ve tried samples of this foundation before and I’ve always loved it. I always used to wear the Revlon Colorstay foundation but I think this one is very slightly better. The only drawback with this foundation is that it doesn’t come with a pump.

Now as for setting powder, I never thought it would be possible to have a favourite setting powder, and I never thought that a setting powder could make so much of a difference to my life. I’ve been using the RCMA no colour powder and honestly, this  powder is worth ALL of the hype! It’s very finely milled, not drying and sooo perfect in every way. It makes my skin look poreless and it sets my makeup to make it last all day. This is one truly spectacular powder that everybody needs.

Another favourite I’m wearing here, and I’ve been wearing quite a lot since I got it for Xmas, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. This is another makeup item that caught me by surprise. I had been seeing many reviews about it and many makeup looks so when Carmelo’s sister, Sole, gave me the Modern Renaissance palette for Xmas (she also gave me the RCMA powder <3 ) I was really excited to try it out. This is also an other product that’s all it’s hyped up to be. The colours are gorgeous, it’s quite versatile and I can’t get enough of it!

Another product worth mentioning are the false lashes that I’m wearing. These are the Belle Lash SHER lashes. They’re very natural looking, light weight and easy to wear. I used my Essence lash glue with these and I didn’t feel them all night and they stayed on. I love these!




Halloween 2016: Creepy Skeleton Clown Makeup

Since Halloween is coming up I thought I’d try my hand at some creepy makeup. This look is inspired by several other creepy skeleton clowns that I’ve seen on instagram, youtube, etc.

I actually had the intention of copying a look I saw on youtube but after a few unexpected slips, I Just went with the flow and this is what I came up with. Not what I planned, but hey, it came out alright muahahaha.



This took me about an hour and a half to do and most of that time was spent on getting the points on my eyes to look very symmetrical and sharp. That said, I don’t think that creepy clown makeup should look too neat but I simply couldn’t help myself.

I started this look with a regular face of makeup with a smokey eye using Makeup Geek’s Bitten and Corrupt. After I was done with my face, eyes and eyebrows I started sketching the outline of my eyes with my Physician’s Formula eyeliner, I filled in the eyes with more Bitten and I used Corrupt to shade.

I decided to go with my personal touch of adding glitter “tears” using the Urban Decay glitter liner in Midnight Cowboy.

For the nose, I first started off by drawing a circle on the tip of my nose using Bitten with a pencil brush, then I drew the black skeleton nose outline and shaded the edges with Corrupt.

For the skeleton teeth I used NYX Milk Jumbo Liner to draw circles on my mouth then I shaded using Corrupt and deepened the outlines using the physician’s formula liner.

I finished off the look by adding some contours around the mouth using Bitten and I also tried making my face look dirty using the same shadow.

This is a pretty easy look to achieve, particularly if you don’t focus too much on getting all the lines even and precise. Since it’s a creepy halloween look, I don’t think that they need to be so sharp.

When I emerged out of my room, when Carmelo first saw me, he got a tiny little bit of a fright and called me creepy. I take that as a success haha. I was really feeling this look, I felt very creepy while wearing it. Check out the little creepy instagram video below.

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Bare lashy eyes and statement lips

I’m usually all for complicated, detailed makeup looks with about a hundred eyeshadows but lately, I decided to get out of my usual box and I’ve been going completely bare on my eyes.

Somehow, the 1st of September put me in the mood for the look below with just some foundation, concealer, brows, lashes and a bold lipstick. It’s very unlike me to go without bronzer/contour, highlight, blush and eyeshadow. Let alone a look without any eyeshadows and without any makeup that brings dimension to my face. I loved wearing this (I actually went to work in this lol) and it’s so different for me personally.
1st  Sept


Today I went for a similar look but this time I wore bronzer, blush and highlight and since I didn’t do a great job at applying my lashes close to my lash line, I tight lined with some liquid liner just to blend in the false lash band with my natural lash line.
Also I’m trying out this Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Covet, I’ll update you with a full review of it shortly! <3