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My New Holy Grail Hair Brush | The Wet Brush

Recently, I’ve been seeing some rave review about The Wet Brush being the best detangling brush, even better than The Tangle Teezer. Check out my Tangle Teezer review here. I saw that the brand has a PR contact so I told them that I’d like to review the brush and they sent me two! They sent me the original Wet Brush in a hot pink shade and they also sent me the Speed Dry brush that’s meant for use with a blow drier.

Here’s what these brushes look like from the top and further below you can see what these look like from the side. I also included a photo of my Tangle Teezer at the end of this post for comparison.

The Wet Brush Front

The Wet Brush Front

The Wet Brush Side

The Wet Brush Side

When I first saw these I thought that they’re ordinary brushes that will do nothing extraordinary. I took them out of their plastic boxes and tried out the pink one. My first impression was that I heard static from this brush and wasn’t sure whether this was going to make my hair frizzy. It didn’t.

Both of these DO detangle hair quite spectacularly. I was very impressed with the tangle teezer when I first tried it, but these brushes are even better. My current preferred brush is the black one (the speed dry). It’s bigger, has longer bristles (than the original) and it’s curved. I also like that it’s all made of solid plastic and has no other materials. This has become the brush that has me losing my mind when I think that I’ve misplaced it.

My hair hasn’t had a trim in 9 months and it is starting to get dry at the ends and it gets tangled more easily than when it’s trimmed and all healthy. Usually, when my hair has tangles in it, I start combing it through from the bottom so that my tangles don’t get tighter and more difficult to take out. I start brushing from the bottom and work my way up to my roots until I can brush from root to tip in one stroke. With these Wet Brushes, I’ve become quite a savage with the brushing and I always trust that it’s going to take out my tangles. Even with really tangled up hair, I can comb from root to tip straight away and this brush detangles my full length of hair right away. It’s quite impressive.

In terms of frizz, I was initially worried that it will make my hair frizzy but I was wrong about that. I have sometimes been heat styling my hair to get some curls in. After I’ve curled my hair I find that it looks too unnatural so I like taking the Wet Brush to comb through my curls once they’ve cooled down. It relaxes my curls and gives me more of the beachy wave that I’m after but without any frizz. Perfect.

Compared to the Tangle Teezer, I like that this brush has a handle and that the bristles are longer. I get the job done quicker with The Wet Brush.

One thing to note, even though the Speed Dry brush is aimed towards drying hair, it’s not my preferred brush for a blow dry. This is because I do like to straighten my hair as much as possible with my blow dryer and that requires pulling my hair firmly while I apply heat. Since this is a fantastic detangling brush, this simply goes straight through my hair and I haven’t figured out how to get my hair to be held firmly straight with this. It is great for drying hair if you don’t need to pull at it though. It lets the air through the brush and it does make for a quicker blow dry than if you were using the original Wet Brush.

All in all this brush is a winner with me. I’m obsessed.


Tangle teezer & matching nails

The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer

No Damage Hair Bleaching? — Olaplex

I’m a big fan of Grav3yardgirl on youtube and yesterday she posted a really interesting video on her channel about how she got rid of the black streaks in her hair and went back to her natural hair colour.

Bunny has incredibly long hair and she mentioned that her hair was bleached and toned several times on the same day (she mentions that it was washed and blow dried 10-11 times) and the process took 8-8.5 hrs.

While she was describing this, I was incredibly impressed at how fantastic the condition of her hair looks. It looks better than I’ve ever seen he hair look before. The great job comes down to the LA based hair dresser, Guy Tang and he used a system called OLAPLEX ( Check out his instagram for some incredible pictures, including the before and after of Bunny’s hair. Can we just take a minute and appreciate his work?

A photo posted by Guy Tang (@guy_tang) on

I’ve had a look through the Olaplex website and it seems like this is a chemical that you mix in with bleach, a rinse and a take at home treatment. To use the product you simply “add Olaplex Bond Multiplier directly into color or lightener then Bond Perfector after your rinse color from hair. The client takes the Hair Perfector No. 3 home as part of the professional service to use once a week.”  There are two warnings that go with this product.

  1. It dilutes bleach, so to counteract, bump up the developer by one full volume.
  2. Don’t use too much of the product.

I’ve never personally bleached my hair and I’ve never believed that there could be products that would let you bleach hair without damage. After seeing results on Bunny I’m beginning to believe that this Olaplex might actually work. Bunny has a fear of hair salons and prior to her recent visit to Guy Tang, she hadn’t let anyone touch her hair since August 2013. She is incredibly happy with her results and she does claim that her hair is very healthy. If she’s happy with how her hair turned out, I can believe that the results are fantastic in person.

Have any of you ever tried Olaplex? What were your results? Are there any similar damage free systems that you tried? I’d love to know.




Zerreau Shampoo Foam Review — A replacement for dry shampoo?

Zerreau Shampoo Foam

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

When I received this foam shampoo in a Glossybox I was quite excited about trying it.

Regarding this product, Glossybox says:

“Zerreau saves time, effectively cleans hair and leaves no residues! Zerreau is also available in two delicious fragrances: Strawberry and Apple.Zero water or rinsing required, it effectively cleans your hair leaving it silky soft & clean. No alcohol or parabens, infused with delicate scents and with no sticky residues

To use: All you need to do is apply the kind and gentle foam directly to the scalp, massage to lift dirt and grease then whilst wet and soapy, remove by thoroughly towel drying.”

The full size product of this costs £7.95 but this travel size is sold on for £3.99. I’ve never heard of a foam shampoo that can be used to clean the hair without using water. The product name seems to be a portmanteau of the French “Zero Eau” (zero water, in case you can’t French). It’s targeted towards people who go to festivals and can’t access a shower to wash their hair.

I thought great, when I style my hair, I like to make it last a day or two longer by using a dry shampoo to tackle some grease. I’m not a big fan of using dry shampoo and I only rarely use any. I’m a fan of washing and cleaning my hair with water, shampoo and conditioner. But I was still intrigued by this product to see how it compares to dry shampoo.

First off, the smell is incredible. I got the apple scented one and it smells heavenly. It’s a foam (of course) and the bottle and applicator are quite sleek and nice looking.

So I gave it a go. Pumped a little of this product into my hand and applied it to the roots of my hair. I applied it in the same motion I would apply regular shampoo while in the shower. I didn’t over do it since despite it being called “Zerreau”, it does have eau in the ingredients. My hair style wasn’t going to be happy, I knew it. I dampened my roots with the product and towel dried… And towel dried… And towel dried…. And towel dried some more.

The result? Greasier looking hair than before.

I towel dried some more and when my hair felt dry to the point where it won’t get dryer than that, my roots just felt more dirty and more greasy than before. But it smelt good.

My hair style? Phah! My hair wasn’t frizzy, but I couldn’t do without washing my hair after this.

I tried it two more times but in the end I have to declare this product a big miss. I did wonder whether I wasn’t using it correctly but I read about it online and I couldn’t see anything wrong with my method. I read other reviews and others have had the same issue with it.  It smells good but it doesn’t serve its purpose. The Batiste dry shampoo I use  at least gets rid of the greasy look and although my hair doesn’t feel clean, it keeps the style I’m trying to preserve.

You can check out what else I got in the Glossybox that I received this product with down below. It has my first impressions of the product and other products I received with that Glossybox. Oh, and some bonus bloopers.

I hope you found this review helpful.


How to save yourself from tangled hair – The Tangle Teezer – Day 29 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge


Tangle Teezer

For day 29 of the 30 days of beauty challenge the topic is Hair Tools. The tangle teezer is essentially the only item that can be classified as a hair tool that I use on my hair these days.

I’ve stopped heat styling my hair since last November and I simply let it air dry with some product in it. I’ve been enjoying my natural curls lately and they look best when my hair is in the best condition possible. That said, it is also important for me to have a brush that detangles my crazy curls without damaging my hair and this tangle teezer is the only brush that does the job.

I’ve tried a couple of other brushes that are supposedly meant for detangling hair but for some reason, none work in the same way as this one. I’m very careful with detangling my hair. With any brush, I never start combing my hair from root to end because that way I simply end up with a bunch of knots at the bottom, making it more difficult to detangle without damage. I start by combing the ends and making sure that there aren’t any knots there, then I start slowly working my way up. It doesn’t take as much time as it sounds. Since my hair is healthier, it’s been more silky and the brush seems to go through without much effort. Back when my hair was more damaged and more difficult to comb through, this brush had a significant impact on my styling time and ease of detangling.

This brush is more costly than average brushes but I sincerely think that it’s worth the money. In my experience, I wasted much more money on cheaper brushes that I had to stop using and it would have cost less to simply buy this one right off the bat. And of course, since it’s not breaking my hair it also reduces my expenses on hair repair and/or frizz fighting products. For my type of hair, owning a brush like this is necessary and saves time, money, damage and frustration.



My no heat curly hair care – Day 11 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Hair ProductsBack in November I cut my hair from very long (butt length) to medium length (just past my shoulders). I noticed a change in the texture of my hair, it was less frizzy. Before cutting it, my hair appeared healthy, so much so that the hair dresser asked me about ten times about whether I actually want to cut my long healthy hair so short since a lot of girls go into the salon asking for extensions. I was sure, I just wanted the change.

So my hair appeared very healthy but somehow, cutting it made it healthier anyway. It got its bounce back and it lost the frizz. I noticed that when my hair air dried, I didn’t need to use any heat to style it and I learnt that keeping my hair healthy gives me frizz free hair that doesn’t need heat styling.

My favourite hair mask to repair my hair is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. I put this on after I put on my regular shampoo and conditioner and leave it in for 10 to 20 mins. It works really well and I find it far superior to other hair masks I’ve ever tried.

Another hair mask that’s quite interesting is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. This is interesting because it’s applied before shampoo. To use this, I first wet my hair, apply it evenly across my whole head, cover my hair with a shower cap and I leave it on for 20-30 mins. Then I rinse it out and shampoo, condition, etc. my hair as usual. It leaves my hair feeling like pure silk.

To style my hair,  I have two methods. The first (and my favourite lately) is simply using the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment in my hair, letting my hair air dry, then when it’s almost dry I tie it up in a tight pony tail at the bottom of my head then I tightly twist it and wrap it in a tight bun. I leave my hair like this for 6-8 hours and when I let it down, I’m left with loose waves that are frizz free.

My second way of styling my hair is using one of two products. Either the 10 in 1 styling treatment by Got2B or the Aussie Curl and Define Mousse. I apply both these products in the same way. I first use some macadamia oil on my hair and then I apply the styling product liberally. I put my fingers through my hair (at my scalp) and shake it out. Then I scrunch my hair and let it air dry. My hair goes crispy with these products. I let it dry completely to crispy, then I scrunch it to remove the crisp. I’m left with curls that are defined and frizz free.

Another product that’s worth a mention in this post is the Tangle Teezer comb. It’s not only important to keep your hair moisturised and each strand healthy, but with curly hair, if strands aren’t cut at the same length, the hair can go frizzy. Therefore, if you get breakage, this may lead to frizz.

When combing hair, don’t be rough. If you hair is very tangled, make sure that you start combing through the bottom, then working your way up. If you start combing from root to tip, it will tighten the knots towards the bottom of your hair, leaving you with a knotted bunch of hair towards your ends. The brush you use also makes an impact on detangling. The tangle teezer changed my life. I don’t know what about it makes it work so well but it makes detangling hair very easy. I’ve tried dupes of this brush but nothing seems to work in the same way. The combination of using a good detangling brush and working from bottom to top with detangling will prevent breakage and prevents frizz.

Whoa… that’s a long blog post. I hope you found this interesting and do let me know what you think!