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No Damage Hair Bleaching? — Olaplex

I’m a big fan of Grav3yardgirl on youtube and yesterday she posted a really interesting video on her channel about how she got rid of the black streaks in her hair and went back to her natural hair colour.

Bunny has incredibly long hair and she mentioned that her hair was bleached and toned several times on the same day (she mentions that it was washed and blow dried 10-11 times) and the process took 8-8.5 hrs.

While she was describing this, I was incredibly impressed at how fantastic the condition of her hair looks. It looks better than I’ve ever seen he hair look before. The great job comes down to the LA based hair dresser, Guy Tang and he used a system called OLAPLEX ( Check out his instagram for some incredible pictures, including the before and after of Bunny’s hair. Can we just take a minute and appreciate his work?

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I’ve had a look through the Olaplex website and it seems like this is a chemical that you mix in with bleach, a rinse and a take at home treatment. To use the product you simply “add Olaplex Bond Multiplier directly into color or lightener then Bond Perfector after your rinse color from hair. The client takes the Hair Perfector No. 3 home as part of the professional service to use once a week.”  There are two warnings that go with this product.

  1. It dilutes bleach, so to counteract, bump up the developer by one full volume.
  2. Don’t use too much of the product.

I’ve never personally bleached my hair and I’ve never believed that there could be products that would let you bleach hair without damage. After seeing results on Bunny I’m beginning to believe that this Olaplex might actually work. Bunny has a fear of hair salons and prior to her recent visit to Guy Tang, she hadn’t let anyone touch her hair since August 2013. She is incredibly happy with her results and she does claim that her hair is very healthy. If she’s happy with how her hair turned out, I can believe that the results are fantastic in person.

Have any of you ever tried Olaplex? What were your results? Are there any similar damage free systems that you tried? I’d love to know.