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My Custom Hand Painted Silk Kaftan by Rosita Silk Sense

I’ve been a big fan of Rosita’s work since last year’s Malta Fashion Week. Before going to her show I first wanted to get to know her, so I interviewed her¬†then I went to her show and I simply fell in love with her work. This year, she presented some equally breathtaking kaftans once again… So of course, when Rosita wanted to work with me to create my own custom hand painted silk kaftan, I couldn’t say no!

I met up with Rosita and I showed her pictures of colours and designs that I like. Rosita took the time to understand what I find appealing. She asked me a few questions, such as how long I want the kaftan to be, what sort of neckline I want, where I want most of the colour and pattern to be focussed on, and finally, she measured me.

Shortly after, I received some teaser photos from Rosita. Here’s a photo of her painting my kaftan! ūüėÄ

After Rosita was happy with her painting, she cured the silk and sewed it into a kaftan. She asked me to go back to her for a fitting to make sure that everything is ok so she can finish off the final details.

After a short time, I got my own custom hand painted silk kaftan and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s so comfortable to wear, I think it’s very flattering for my figure and it’s one truly unique piece!

Check out the photos by Carmelo Establier below ūüôā

If you love silk kaftans but you prefer buying a ready made one, you can also find some ready made silk kaftans hand painted by Rosita at Luxury Outlet in Sliema.

Check out Rosita on

Gaetano – From Couture by Gaetano

Here’s the deal. I met Gaetano during Malta Fashion Week last year where I fell in love with his Nymph collection. I became a big fan, and got to hang out with him for some of the events. This year, Gaetano made two outfits for me during Malta Fashion Week. You’ve already seen one. And yes, I haven’t posted about the other one yet. Why, you ask? The reality is that I’m not even sure how to do Gaetano justice.

Gaetano’s¬†work looks even better in person than it does on any photo I’ve seen online, his dresses are finished immaculately. After seeing last year’s collection, I did have doubts about whether Gaetano can design for a plus size woman. Now, I can outright tell you that he’s a fantastic fashion designer not just for size 8-10 models but he is a very talented designer for designing very flattering dresses for me, the plus size girl.¬†I felt like a diva and like I’m the queen of fucking everything wearing the dress that he made for me for the Malta Fashion Awards.

It was hard for me to find photos where I felt like I did this dress justice, but you can have a look here.

Photo thanks to Carmelo Establier

The black fabric he used is VERY forgiving and very slimming. He put some of his signature beading at the top of the dress and down the sleeves. To add some extra sass, Gaetano put some feathers on one side… this is very clever because in all the photos that I have, those feathers really break up my width. The feathers were also the finishing touch that really made me feel like a diva! This dress made me feel incredible all night.

Lara (also wearing Gaetano), Marija and myself. Photo thanks to Go Raw Photography.

Here’s why I love this designer, other than his incredible work… “I came from nothing so I appreciate everything” he quotes. This photo by Kurt Paris truly captures Gaetano as I know him, no wonder he has almost a thousand likes and counting!

Photo by Kurt Paris

Gaetano had a very humble upbringing. He started out by working for a fabric store and from there, he thought himself fashion design. Now, he is one of Malta hottest fashion designers.

He has designed our Eurovision singer’s dress (that’s the equivalent of being the Queen’s fashion designer if we were in the UK), he also designed dresses for Taryn, Maxine, Dorianne, Caroline, Grazielle, Lara, Sarah, and of course, MYSELF … All while preparing for his Divas runway show for Malta Fashion Week! This is truly impressive, and it shows that this guy got to where he is with HARD WORK and dedication! I am so humbled, and so grateful to have had the honour to wear not one, but two of his outfits during this year’s Malta Fashion Week. His talent, his attitude, and his work ethic will take him places.

Gaetano, thank you so much for making me feel like a true diva! Keep going… You will take over the world!




MFWA2017: Rosemarie Abela’s La Cupola

Rosemarie Abela’s show was the first fashion show of MFWA2017 and I must say that she really kicked things off with a bang. I’ll be honest, I was very excited about this show because I’m from Mosta and the inspiration behind the La Cupola collection is the Mosta Dome. I was very looking forward to this and wow, Rosemarie did not disappoint!

The outfits, the hair, the makeup, the accessories and overall styling was all simply phenomenal. I loved the vide variety¬†of fabrics used and how they were mixed and combined together. It’s very difficult to pick just one favourite outfit from Rosemarie’s collection, but do check out some photos below, all taken by Bernard Polidano.

Rosemarie really did make one Mostija very proud <3


MFWA2017: Rosita Silk Sense

I find Rosita’s work impressive. All of these dresses and kaftans are hand painted by Rosita herself on silk. Every little bit of colour that you see on here, Rosita painted it. They’re not only lovely pieces to wear, they’re also beautifully painted. She’s a true, talented artist.

Rosita had a presentation at Malta Fashion Week 2017.  Male models wore hand painted silk ties  and handkerchiefs and they ushered the female models onto platforms so that the audience can get a better look at the outfits. This presentation was beautiful to watch and I certainly want one of those kaftans!

MFWA2017 OOTD: Gaetano Couture

Yesterday was Gaetano’s day to shine at Malta Fashion week and he rocked! Since it was the day of his show, I thought I might wear something by Gaetano himself and he delivered with this black skirt with his personal touch of white beading, a Gaetano polo that he also embellished with some beading at the neck line and of course, some sassy sunglasses to match.

His choice of fabric for this skirt was fantastic Р very slimming and very good at evening out my figure. I love the silhouette of this skirt and the placement of the beading was certainly flattering on me.

Check out the pictures below, all taken by Carmelo Establier.