Lidl SilverCrest Straightening Electric Brush Review

My mum has been wanting to try one of these electric straightening brushes for quite a while and finally she decided to get the Lidl SilverCrest Straightening Electric Brush. She was looking at the original Dafni brush and since it’s quite expensive, she decided to go for a cheaper alternative that has a ceramic coating and try that first to see how it goes. This Lidl straightening electric brush was just €14.99 but since its temperature goes up to 180°C and it has a ceramic coating, what could go wrong?

Like any good daughter would, I took one for the team and tried this brush before my mum did…You know, umm, in case it burns her hair or something 😀

My hair has a natural curl to it, you can see my natural hair from an old instagram photo I’ll embed here.

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The Lild electric brush has three buttons: a power button,  and up and down buttons to adjust the temperature. I switched it on and put it all the way up to 180°C and it took about 2-3 minutes to heat up to that temperature. This is quite a long time when I compare it to my CHI straightening iron that takes about 30 seconds.

The bits on the brush head that are rose gold coloured heat up. The nice thing about this brush design is that you can only burn yourself with it if you really try. The bit that heats up does not go all the way to the edge of the brush, and although it comes up along the centre bristles of the brush, it doesn’t come up all the way. You can see the black dots in the photo below — those are black bristle tips that don’t get hot. So if you accidentally hit your scalp with the brush, your scalp won’t burn.

Before putting the electric comb through my hair, I combed my own hair thoroughly so that the heated brush doesn’t get stuck in my knots and burn my hair. I put in some macadamia oil and sectioned my hair in roughly four big sections (front & back left & right) and did each section with the brush. I made sure that my hair was going through the bristles and touching the back of the comb. (In the photo below I didn’t get it quite right since my hair wasn’t pushed towards the back of the comb properly, but you get the idea.)

Lidl SilverCrest Straightening Electric Brush

Lidl SilverCrest Straightening Electric Brush

I was honestly quite surprised at the speed at which this was straightening my hair. It only took a few strokes to get very smooth, shiny and silky straight hair and my hair didn’t feel like it was getting damaged since the temperature is 180°C.

I took the photos for this post a couple of days after I did my hair with this brush and I’m quite happy by how straight it stayed. It might just be that the weather wasn’t very humid and my hair decided to behave.

Lidl SilverCrest Straightening Electric Brush

Lidl SilverCrest Straightening Electric Brush

I love how straight, shiny and silky smooth my hair turned out to be. One thing I will mention is that it’s quite difficult to get this brush to straighten the very root of your hair. If you have a curl that starts right up at the root, you might want to touch up your roots with a straightener. My curls seem to not start that high but what I noticed about this (and loved!) is that since I didn’t get the straightener to go right up to my roots, my hair didn’t lie flat when I first did it — it had some lift to it. After a couple of days it has gone down since I’ve been pulling my hair back, but I really loved that it wasn’t flat on my scalp from day 1.

All in all I’m really surprised by how well this works. It’s very cheap but it’s very good at quickly giving my hair a silky smooth texture. My only complaint about this is the time it takes for it to reach its max temperature but honestly, for that price I’m happy to factor in those 2-3 minutes into my getting ready time estimate 😀


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