The Dean Gera €52.50 Trim and Style – Is it worth it?

Yesterday I saw the picture below on Pinterest and I went in The Beauty Game Facebook group  to ask whether there is a salon in Malta where I can get curls like this. I currently have hair that depict something like short wigs short bob wigs, to say the least. These are the curls of my dreams and I can’t achieve them myself.

Big Curls

Big Curls

The Appointment

There were A LOT of responses on Facebook. I was in a rush to pick a hairdresser who had a 3:30pm appointment and who I can trust. I went through some of the very first suggestions, looked at the photos on the Facebook pages of the relevant hairdressers and picked one that looked like they can do it and contacted them on their Facebook page for an appointment.

I picked the Dean Gera salon, one I never tried but they have some very nice photos on their Facebook page. I asked for an appointment for a trim and curls at the Attard salon but they only had an availability at The Point. I asked for the price and I was quoted the price of a total of €52.50. €32.50 for the trim and €20 for the curls. I don’t get a hair cut often so I thought fine, if they actually do a good job, I’m happy. So I agreed to go to The Point.

The Salon Experience

I went to the salon, and I was attended to on time. I would have been annoyed if they kept me waiting because parking at The Point is actually quite expensive in itself. I got a good and thorough hair wash, with a relaxing head massage and I had a treatment put in my hair. All the time I was treated very professionally and politely, and I was offered a beverage.

After my treatment was rinsed, the stylist asked me what I’m after. I said I wanted a trim, I hadn’t cut my hair in 6 months, and I want curls like the ones in the photo. Qhim.

The stylist then explained to me that my hair is quite fine and if we put in curls that are that big, they will fall down very quickly. The hair in the photo is bleached and it’s more textured than mine so that’s why that hair can hold those curls.

The stylist cut my hair and did a great job at listening to what I wanted. She gave my hair some shape but suggested that we don’t cut short layers because since my hair is fine, it would look too thin at the ends.

My hair stylist was Giada, a lovely Sicilian lady. I must say that her passion for hair had me really impressed and it really made visiting this salon a worthwhile experience. I loved our discussions during my hair cut and how well she explained my hair to me — like the fact that I have a lot of hair but it’s quite fine. And another fun fact is that I have something called a “double crown”. I didn’t even know that that was a thing.

After the trim, Giada blow dried my hair, refined the cut and then started with the curls! I can tell that Giada is a perfectionist. She used a lot of hairspray to curl my hair and even put clips in my curls to let them cool in a curl so that they last longer. Check out the end result in the picture below (Giada is the one taking it 😀 )

Dean Gera Curls

Dean Gera Curls

The Verdict

Honestly, my hair never looked this good. It doesn’t look like the inspiration picture because I don’t have thick hair with short layers, but I love this! This isn’t a look that I’ve ever managed to achieve by myself so I’m very happy that I got something different. My hair feels very healthy and looks very shiny.

My hair looked gorgeous for the evening, however, the downside is that by this morning, most of the curls went down and my hair was mostly straight again 🙁

I guess this is something I expected because I know that my hair does this, but I had high hopes.

That said, for the whole experience, I think that the money I paid to get a good hair cut and a nice style for the evening was worth it. The overall salon experience was very professional and luxurious, and the stylist was very nice, friendly and very competent. I would definitely get my hair cut at this salon again (and I would ask for Giada) but next time I’ll tell her that my curls fell by the next day… Maybe she can make my curls a bit tighter or leave the clips in for longer so that they will last longer.

A final note

That’s it for my review of the Dean Gera €52.50 trim and style salon experience. Now on a completely different note… I noticed that on my Facebook post in the group, it seemed to have looked like this was some advertising for the salon. I’d like to clarify that this was NOT a sponsored post or experience and all views expressed here are my own. The original post kind of became an advertising ground for hairdressers, which is fine, but obviously when picking a hairdresser, I can only pick one at a time. There’s no need for anybody or any hairdressers to take any offence for not picking their suggestion.

That said, I am considering turning this into a series,”The hunt for the perfect curls in Maltese salons”. 😀 There seem to be quite a lot of very talented hairdressers who do beautiful curls and I should try them all! (And report, of course! haha)


4 thoughts on “The Dean Gera €52.50 Trim and Style – Is it worth it?

  1. janette sammut

    Not to be rude, but the curls are so not defined! And your hair seemed that it can be easily curled in a better way. 52.50 euros is a very high price compared to a lot of other salons who can achieve a much better look with even half the price. At the salon i go to it is the mear price of 21 euros with way better defined curls and a beautiful layered cut. But oh well.. at least you were satisfied with it.. people simply go there for the name ?

  2. janette sammut

    I go to Paradise Zone at Safi – i live in Bugibba .. but I rarely do my hair so I see it as a trip away from home. They have stunning hair styles.. you should try them.

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