Clarena Marine Slim Salt

Clarena Marine Slim Salt Peeling

Clarena Marine Slim Salt Peeling

I got this Clarena Marine Slim Salt this weekend when it was recommended to me at a spa. It wasn’t recommended to me as a “here try this, your thighs will look like Heidi Klum’s tomorrow morning”, but more like “this is a good product to promote better circulation”. The lady explained to me that it might help with water retention and I thought I should give it a go.

I didn’t have any expectations or high hopes for this. Between the time this was recommended to me and the time I got it, I quickly made an Amazon price comparison to similar products, and this works out to be an average price per mL.

I tried this scrub as soon as I got home. The lady told me that I should apply it dry and be quite rough with rubbing it over my thighs, and anywhere else I wanted it. The salt in it is very dense and it feels very course when rubbing it in. Since it’s not my face, I’m ok with vigorous scrubbing so I went for it.

Then I rinsed it off with water and this is where the wow came in. When I rinsed this off, it left behind a beautiful moisturising and nourishing residue that hydrated my skin beautifully. I’ve never come across a product that comes close to being a scrub like this — Intense at scrubbing and intense at nourishing.

I’ve used it a couple of more times and I’m honestly blown away by this product. A little goes a long way. That said, I’m not sure what it’s doing for my circulation and water retention (the original reason I got it for). I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference with anything but I do love it as a nourishing scrub.

I’m extremely happy with this product and I can see myself repurchasing this for life, however, since this is a review, I should mention that I’m not keen on the jar packaging. I don’t like digging my hands into the jar to get the product and I would prefer a squeeze tube, for example.

This is something I highly recommend.