Imedeen Launch in Malta

Most skin care nuts who read this blog would have heard about the skin’s collagen. As we age, collagen declines and our skin weakens and wrinkles. There are many anti ageing skincare products that contain collagen, but any topical cream can only penetrate through the first couple of layers of skin. Imedeen is a skincare product that is taken orally, and this helps collagen production from within, in order to be able to generate collagen further down that just the first couple of layers of skin.

There are three types of Imedeen capsules, and in order to decide which one is right for you, you can get a skin consultation. Here are some pictures of me doing my skin consultation where a gel was rubbed on my skin, and a device took some images from my skin.

Turns out that my skin’s collagen is doing alright! 😀

In the image above you can see the dark (black or dark brown) areas… That’s collagen. I even have some stored further down in my lower layers of skin.

Below you can see images from a clinical study about collagen levels and how they improve with Imedeen. After 12 months you can see a significant increase in the collagen in the top and lower layers of the skin.

Based on this consultation, I got 60 derma one tablets that are intended for ages 25+. I will start taking 2 tablets of these every morning for a month and then I can go back to get my skin scanned to check out how my collagen levels are doing 🙂

This product sounds plausible. I’m going to try it out and I’ll let you know how I get along.