Flormar Double Radiance Primer Review


Flormar Double Radiance Primer

This is quite a popular primer from Flormar so of course I had to give this one a go. This Flormar Double Radiance Primer comes in a 30ml pump and the packaging is beautifully finished in chrome. Although I do like that it’s a pump packaging, one thing I find very weird with this product is that this pump does not have a tube inside the product.

When I first tried pumping out some product, I failed. Then I opened up the top to see what’s going on and found that the top does not have the tube.  I thought that this was defective but when I called the store to ask about it, I was told that that’s what the packaging should be like and that I should store the product upside down. Since I’ve started storing it upside down, it hasn’t been a problem to get any product out. I still find it very weird that this is a product designed to be stored upside down, I would have thought that the writing on it would be upside down as well if it was intended on being stored upside down.

Anyway, that’s it for my long ramble about why I think the packaging is weird. Let’s talk about the actual product itself.

The primer has a bronze metallic tone to it, it’s very flattering for olive skin tones and darker but I wouldn’t imagine that this would be very flattering for lighter skin tones.


Flormar Double Radiance Primer 1 pump

When blended ot, it does leave a very highlighted finish on my face. You can see from the swatch on my arm that this is a bit darker than my skin tone. The metallic finish doesn’t come across very well in this photo.


Flormar Double Radiance Primer Blended Out

I’ve tried out this primer under a few of my foundations and I really love that it does make my skin look like it is radiant from within. I love using this whenever I want some extra glow.

As for priming my face, I don’t find that this primer makes my skin any smoother but I don’t find this disappointing since the product doesn’t promise this. I tend to wear this over my Benefit Porefessional so that I can get a smooth and radiant complexion.

As for longevity, this primer does stay on without creasing for as long as I wear my makeup. My foundation goes on very nicely over this but I wouldn’t say that this primer prolongs the wear time of my foundation. But again, this isn’t what the product claims to do and it’s not something I’m disappointed by.

This primer does look like a liquid highlighter. I once tried this over my foundation on the high points of my cheek bones and it looks beautiful as a cream highlighter as well. I will say that I can wear this as a highlighter over my foundation during the summer when my skin is a little bit darker, but when I’m lighter, this is way too dark for me to wear as a highlighter.

All in all, I love the luminous effect that this primer gives. I do combine it with other primers to smooth out my texture and to prolong the wear time of my makeup but this product does exactly what it promises to do. My two critiques on this is the missing tube in the pump packaging and that it’s a little bit too dark for lighter skin tones.