Lamy SAFARI Rollerball Pen

I bought this Lamy SAFARI Rollerball Pen a couple of years ago and recently it died in a freak accident when it ungraciously fell from my desk to the ground and broke its neck.

Although I’m disappointed by its lack of grace, I’m buying a new one to replace it. I’m going to buy the exact same one because, although like me it’s not all too graceful, it is the most ergonomic and beautifully designed rollerball I’ve used in a while.

I’ve become that person who refuses to write or sign anything, anywhere, unless it’s with this pen. My pen.

Lamy SAFARI Rollerball Pen

Lamy SAFARI Rollerball Pen

There are several colours of this pen, here’s a picture that I got from this link that I found on the internet after a brief google search. It seems to be an image from but that’s not where I got the image from.


I’m kind of considering getting the yellow one as well but I’m emotionally attached to the transparent one so I have to have a working transparent one and any additional colour may only come as a bonus to my collection.

Why do I like this pen so much you ask?

Well.. The cartridges of this pen write beautifully. They’re always consistent with no skipping. Every millimetre of every letter I write has as much ink as every other millimetre of every other letter I write.

It has fantastic grip. It’s not a skinny pen that’s going to slide off any time. It’s chunky enough to get a good grip  on and there are grooves on the pen that let you grip it properly.

Another thing I like is the clip that comes with the cap of the pen. It’s also big and sturdy and it lets me clip my pen to my notepad easily. I don’t spend time searching for my pen because it’s always secure with my notepad. Additionally, it doesn’t wear down the cover and front pages of my notepad where I constantly hook it on.

Anyway… You get the idea. I’ve been loving this pen for over two years and I’m gutted that our relationship had to come to an end. I’m just glad that I can buy another pen just like it.