My New Holy Grail Hair Brush | The Wet Brush

Recently, I’ve been seeing some rave review about The Wet Brush being the best detangling brush, even better than The Tangle Teezer. Check out my Tangle Teezer review here. I saw that the brand has a PR contact so I told them that I’d like to review the brush and they sent me two! They sent me the original Wet Brush in a hot pink shade and they also sent me the Speed Dry brush that’s meant for use with a blow drier.

Here’s what these brushes look like from the top and further below you can see what these look like from the side. I also included a photo of my Tangle Teezer at the end of this post for comparison.

The Wet Brush Front

The Wet Brush Front

The Wet Brush Side

The Wet Brush Side

When I first saw these I thought that they’re ordinary brushes that will do nothing extraordinary. I took them out of their plastic boxes and tried out the pink one. My first impression was that I heard static from this brush and wasn’t sure whether this was going to make my hair frizzy. It didn’t.

Both of these DO detangle hair quite spectacularly. I was very impressed with the tangle teezer when I first tried it, but these brushes are even better. My current preferred brush is the black one (the speed dry). It’s bigger, has longer bristles (than the original) and it’s curved. I also like that it’s all made of solid plastic and has no other materials. This has become the brush that has me losing my mind when I think that I’ve misplaced it.

My hair hasn’t had a trim in 9 months and it is starting to get dry at the ends and it gets tangled more easily than when it’s trimmed and all healthy. Usually, when my hair has tangles in it, I start combing it through from the bottom so that my tangles don’t get tighter and more difficult to take out. I start brushing from the bottom and work my way up to my roots until I can brush from root to tip in one stroke. With these Wet Brushes, I’ve become quite a savage with the brushing and I always trust that it’s going to take out my tangles. Even with really tangled up hair, I can comb from root to tip straight away and this brush detangles my full length of hair right away. It’s quite impressive.

In terms of frizz, I was initially worried that it will make my hair frizzy but I was wrong about that. I have sometimes been heat styling my hair to get some curls in. After I’ve curled my hair I find that it looks too unnatural so I like taking the Wet Brush to comb through my curls once they’ve cooled down. It relaxes my curls and gives me more of the beachy wave that I’m after but without any frizz. Perfect.

Compared to the Tangle Teezer, I like that this brush has a handle and that the bristles are longer. I get the job done quicker with The Wet Brush.

One thing to note, even though the Speed Dry brush is aimed towards drying hair, it’s not my preferred brush for a blow dry. This is because I do like to straighten my hair as much as possible with my blow dryer and that requires pulling my hair firmly while I apply heat. Since this is a fantastic detangling brush, this simply goes straight through my hair and I haven’t figured out how to get my hair to be held firmly straight with this. It is great for drying hair if you don’t need to pull at it though. It lets the air through the brush and it does make for a quicker blow dry than if you were using the original Wet Brush.

All in all this brush is a winner with me. I’m obsessed.


Tangle teezer & matching nails

The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer

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  1. Eli Dumas

    It’s my favourite brush too! I first got the Tangle Teezer but I haven’t used it since I purchased The Wet Brush. I even use it to blow dry my hair as I have very fine hair and don’t like my hair to be that straight as it makes it look even more sparse than it already is. I’m not going back to any other brush, ever! Don’t know about how it works on thick hair, though.

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