Removing a gel manicure

While I was in Spain, I booked a basic manicure for New Year’s Eve at the Nails Factory bar in Nervion Plaza in Seville. If you’ve seen my vlog about this you already know that the nail tech simply went on full auto and gave me a gel manicure instead of a basic manicure. *facepalm*

I do like gel manicures for their longevity and durability,  however I hate the removal process with a passion and I also hate that a lot of nail techs over buff my nails leaving them very weak after I remove the gel manicure.

Yesterday was that dreaded day when I decided that my gel manicure had grown out enough, went matte enough, chipped a little bit and I was done with it. Reason always tells me that I should book myself an appointment to go and get my gel manicure removed but I hate the process so much that I also procrastinate from doing that and end up freaking out about how bad my manicure is and removing it myself anyway. I’m very impatient at doing this whole process, I hate how long it takes and this is the reason why I didn’t want a gel manicure 🙁

I don’t have a before picture of my nails but the gel that was used was Nail Factory’s own brand gel polish and the nail tech told me that it’s easy to remove.

To start off the process, I filed away the top layer of my manicure with the first nail file that came to hand. Then I used the GELLUX Gel Polish Remover Wraps (because I’m that lazy at this) and the Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover. The GELLUX remover wraps are simply squareish pieces of foil with some lint free pad attached to them.

Filing Gel Nails

Filing Gel Nails

I soak the pad with the remover, place that over my nail then wrap the foil around my finger. You can do these yourself or buy them ready made as I did. To me, it reduces my time to remove this manicure considerably so it’s well worth buying them ready made.

This is what my foiled fingers look like. Next, I tried to keep my hands warm since the acetone acts quicker in warmth and waited for 15-20 mins. When I took off the foil, the gel was almost all gone! Some nails had a tiny bit of gel left that I gently pushed away with a cuticle pusher but this gel did indeed lift very easily.

Removing Gel Manicure

Soaking Gel Manicure

Since I am impatient there seems to be some base coat residue left on my nails that didn’t go away with the first soak. I was honestly fed up with the process (although quite smooth, 20 mins is a long time in my books) and didn’t soak them any more and didn’t buff them.

After removing gel manicure

After removing gel manicure

All in all, I was unimpressed that I got a gel manicure without asking for it but I did like how it wore. I hate any gel manicure removal process but the GELLUX Gel Polish Remover Wraps make this process easier and luckily, the gel that was used lifted very easily. My nails are thinner and weaker than they were but that’s always the case when my nails are buffed.