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Secret Key Eye Patches

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I’ve been using these eye patches for the past couple of months and I think it’s time for a review!

I bought these from my favourite Korean beauty website,
I’ve ordered from this website three times and so far, they’ve never let me down. And plus, they always send some samples for me to try. 🙂

I find that does a really good job at explaining what the products do and how to use them. Regarding these patches, the website says:

1. Experience Luxury professional gold skin therapy at home.
2. Deep and concentrated hydro gel eye patch gives moisture and nourishment.
3. Its effective content helps skin to be more elastic.
4. It revitalizes tired skin around eyes.
5. Instant penetration, perfect fitting, protecting skin from polluted environment.
6. Melt used eye patch in water and apply on arms and legs.

How to use
1. After facial wash, do the basic skin care.
2. Using spatula, put out the eye patch.
3. Put it on the area where it need special treatment.
4. After 20~30 minutes, take it off and pat gently for remaining essence to be penetrated into skin.

The website does come with some strange translations and imperfect English spelling and grammar at times. It’s endearing.

The eye patches come in a jar that has liquid in it and a stack of gel eye patch pairs. In the lid of the jar, there’s a little plastic spatula for picking up the eye patches from the jar. I pick up a pair of eye patches and place them under my eyes. The liquid and gel make the patches slippery, so for the first few minutes of wear, I do rearrange them by pushing them back to where I want them. I lay down and wear these for 30 minutes and relax.

These eye patches feel amazing under my eyes. It’s a cool sensation and almost faintly tingly. After I wear them for about 15 minutes, my tired eyes start feeling relieved and by the end of the 30 minutes my eyes feel like they’re in eye nirvana. When I remove these from my eyes, the darkness under my eyes immediately looks better and my skin looks plumper.

After removing these, most of the time I just chuck them out. Other times, I follow the beautynetkorea recommendation and put them in a spray bottle and add hot water. The gel patches melt in the hot water and when it cools down, you can spray the solution onto your body. This leaves a sparkle to my skin but I can’t say that it works wonders in terms of moisture (other than my skin is now wet, of course).

Here are some of the main ingredients that are in these eye patches. I got this image from the beautynetkorea page and I love how they display the ingredients with pictures.

Secret Key Eye Patches Main Ingredients

Secret Key Eye Patches Main Ingredients — Image from

The ingredient that makes the biggest difference, I think, is the Hyaluronic acid. It’s a common ingredient in anti ageing ingredients because it plumps the skin. In the case of dark circles, plumping the skin reduces the darkness since it makes the thin skin a bit thicker and less transparent, hence hiding the oxygenated blood that’s under your eyes. I find that the ingredients in these patches seem to be more concentrated since regular eye creams with hyaluronic acid don’t work the same way for me.

Final Verdict

Everybody’s skin is different so what works for me, doesn’t work in the same way for everybody. I can say that these have worked very well for me and I love using them. When I run out, I will certainly be purchasing more.

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    Do you know whether this product contains any parabens? I’ve bought another brand and not happy to see that the product contains parabens…They should list the ingredients on English in online stores!

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