Zerreau Shampoo Foam Review — A replacement for dry shampoo?

Zerreau Shampoo Foam

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

When I received this foam shampoo in a Glossybox I was quite excited about trying it.

Regarding this product, Glossybox says:

“Zerreau saves time, effectively cleans hair and leaves no residues! Zerreau is also available in two delicious fragrances: Strawberry and Apple.Zero water or rinsing required, it effectively cleans your hair leaving it silky soft & clean. No alcohol or parabens, infused with delicate scents and with no sticky residues

To use: All you need to do is apply the kind and gentle foam directly to the scalp, massage to lift dirt and grease then whilst wet and soapy, remove by thoroughly towel drying.”

The full size product of this costs £7.95 but this travel size is sold on www.festivalshampoo.com for £3.99. I’ve never heard of a foam shampoo that can be used to clean the hair without using water. The product name seems to be a portmanteau of the French “Zero Eau” (zero water, in case you can’t French). It’s targeted towards people who go to festivals and can’t access a shower to wash their hair.

I thought great, when I style my hair, I like to make it last a day or two longer by using a dry shampoo to tackle some grease. I’m not a big fan of using dry shampoo and I only rarely use any. I’m a fan of washing and cleaning my hair with water, shampoo and conditioner. But I was still intrigued by this product to see how it compares to dry shampoo.

First off, the smell is incredible. I got the apple scented one and it smells heavenly. It’s a foam (of course) and the bottle and applicator are quite sleek and nice looking.

So I gave it a go. Pumped a little of this product into my hand and applied it to the roots of my hair. I applied it in the same motion I would apply regular shampoo while in the shower. I didn’t over do it since despite it being called “Zerreau”, it does have eau in the ingredients. My hair style wasn’t going to be happy, I knew it. I dampened my roots with the product and towel dried… And towel dried… And towel dried…. And towel dried some more.

The result? Greasier looking hair than before.

I towel dried some more and when my hair felt dry to the point where it won’t get dryer than that, my roots just felt more dirty and more greasy than before. But it smelt good.

My hair style? Phah! My hair wasn’t frizzy, but I couldn’t do without washing my hair after this.

I tried it two more times but in the end I have to declare this product a big miss. I did wonder whether I wasn’t using it correctly but I read about it online and I couldn’t see anything wrong with my method. I read other reviews and others have had the same issue with it.  It smells good but it doesn’t serve its purpose. The Batiste dry shampoo I use  at least gets rid of the greasy look and although my hair doesn’t feel clean, it keeps the style I’m trying to preserve.

You can check out what else I got in the Glossybox that I received this product with down below. It has my first impressions of the product and other products I received with that Glossybox. Oh, and some bonus bloopers.

I hope you found this review helpful.