Physician’s Formula Eyeliner — Day 24 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Physician's Formula

My favourite eyeliner is a no brainer, it’s the Physician’s Formula Lash Booster 2 in 1 Eyeliner + Serum. I can’t say that this is the perfect eyeliner but this is the one I use and repurchased a few times.

It’s my favourite because it’s a brush tip eyeliner and the product comes through the bush without any excess on the bristles. The brush is very fine and it makes drawing very fine lines very easy. The colour Ultra Black is jet black, but it’s not matte. I can’t say that this product has done much to my natural lashes so don’t buy this for the lash boosting effect.

I’m inserting a picture of a red eyeliner look that I did a few weeks ago and it shows how precise this eyeliner is. For this look I first painted the red liner then I went over the outline using the Physician’s Formula liner. I put a vignette on the photo to get rid of the background but there are no more touch ups to this. You can see how precise I was able to get with this liner.IMG_20150530_161801-2I first discovered this eyeliner through the artist Tal Peleg on instagram. She has some amazing makeup art work, do check her out. In one of her posts she said that this is the eyeliner she uses and demonstrated how it works, see the embedded instagram post below.

As I mentioned previously, this eyeliner isn’t perfect. There are things that I wish were better. First off, the formula smudges if it comes into contact with water. If my eyes are a bit watery and I try to apply it in my inner corner, it can smudge and dissipate. It’s not a waterproof eyeliner and if it was, it would be much better.

Another issue to mention with this liner is the colour. There are “Black” and “Ultra Black” colours. The colour that’s called “Black” is actually more of a grey than a black. The Ultra Black is jet black. It doesn’t dry matte and I would also prefer it if it did.

It seems like there is a lot that I don’t like with this eyeliner but It is actually still my favourite because I can’t find one that has a matte, ultra black formula with a precise brush. What really sells it for me is the very precise brush.

I hope that you find this  post useful!