Least Favourite Product – Day 22 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

glossybox moisturiserThis is by far my least favourite product that I’ve had my hands on lately. It’s the Astral original face and body moisturiser. I got this in the Iconic Hollywood Edition of the Glossybox that was themed around 1950s beauty.

Glossybox described this product like this…

” This versatile, rich moisturising cream has been a firm favourite amongst Hollywood stars and make-up artists alike since its creation in the 1950s – and we’re not surprised. Perfect for all ages, Astral hydrates deep below the skin’s surface and can even be used to remove make-up!”

Initially, my thoughts were that this is a product that has been on the market for about 60 years, then it must be good. I opened it, had a whiff, then though, “yep, they didn’t change the scent.” I was keen on trying it since I thought it would revolutionise my skin care regime, but… no.

It’s a very thick consistency and it feels very greasy. I’m one for trying things and I fist tried this to remove makeup (as Glossybox suggested) and no, it wasn’t working. I thought, fine, I don’t expect a moisturiser to remove my makeup really. So I removed my makeup and applied this as my moisturiser. My skin felt all clogged up and like it can’t breathe. As you can imagine, the next day I woke up to find that a new mountain had erected itself on my face.

I thought I’d try it as a body moisturiser. Again, it felt very greasy. This time, however, I also noticed that after I showered, my skin still looked and felt dry. This product makes me feel greasy but it doesn’t actually hydrate deep below the skin surface as Glossybox suggested.

Essentially, this is my lease favourite product because it’s useless for my skin. It might work for others, but my skin and Astral Original simply don’t get along.