Favourite Nail Polish – Day 21 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 18.49.35For Day 21 of the #30DaysOfBeautyChallenge I  have my favourite nail polish. I love these Ciaté paint pots and I couldn’t just choose one colour. They are highly pigmented, smooth nail polishes with a glossy finish, and they last about a week on my nails. One coat of these is enough for a full coverage and that’s what makes them my favourite polishes.

The two baby ones on the top are the colours The Gossip and Kiss Chase. The two bottom ones are in Ditch the Heels and Speed Dial.  I couldn’t get the colours right in this photo and I really think that it doesn’t do them justice. Both The Gossip and Speed Dial are orange colours. Speed Dial is a pumpkin orange colour, perfect for wearing on Halloween whereas The Gossip is a more peachy orange. Ditch the Heels is a blue toned green colour that I loved wearing in March for St. Patrick’s day. Kiss Chase is a pink (with coral undertones) very similar to OPI’s Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! in colour but I find it to be more pigmented.

I really love the bow detail on the bottles. These are my favourite colours to wear for summer. If you haven’t tried these paint pots I certainly recommend them!