My favourite blush — Day 19 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

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Whenever I wear makeup, I always wear foundation. This tends to give me a very blank canvas and since I use a medium-full coverage foundation it does tend to make my face look flat. To counteract, of course, I always put some dimension into my face using some contour and blush. This is what I reduced my favourite blushes to. And yes, I couldn’t live without any of them.

At the top we have the Sleek Face Form Palette and Nars Orgasm Blush. As you can see from the major pan porn going on with that Sleek palette, I love that blush. It’s actually a very close dupe to Nars Orgasm. It’s also sold separately and the colour itself is called Rose Gold. If you like how Nars Orgasm looks but don’t want to splash out on it, I certainly recommend Sleek Rose Gold.

Then we have some Milani blushes. I’m obsessed with these rose shaped blushes I actually have the fourth one in the mail on it’s way to yours truly right now. It didn’t make it in time for this photo shoot. I’ve had Coral Cover for the longest, then there’s Tea Rose (light pink shade) and Love Potion (a deeper pink). I’ve been obsessed with Coral Cove since I purchased it and it’s only beginning to show it’s first signs of wear on the embossed flower. It’s pigmentation is just right for a blush (I don’t like highly pigmented blushes because it’s easier to over do it that way) but a little product goes a long way. Tea Rose is a very safe colour that I think would suit a lot of light skin tones. Love potion is a colour that I thought would be too dark for me but it actually looks gorgeous on my face.

I’m loving Milani as a brand lately and I had to get the baked blush in Luminoso. It’s a very pale coral and shimmery blush. It’s gorgeous on it’s own or on top of Coral Cove for a more intense shimmery blush.

I’ve had the next two Mac blushes for a while and I’m only just noticing how little wear they have even though I use them a lot. First there’s the cream blush in Something Special. This is very pigmented and I use very little of it. I like wearing this either when I’m going for a dewy look and only wearing cream products or under a powder blush such as the Milani Coral Cove. I’ve been wearing this almost every day for the last year and a half and it seems like I haven’t been through half of it yet.

Then there’s the Mineralize blush in Love Joy. This is a warm brown shade with gold flecks that a Mac artist recommended to me. It’s not a blush that I would have ever chosen for myself but I’m so glad I tried it and bought it. This blush gives me the happy memory of my first time in America and shopping at Macy’s. It was also my first time getting a consultation from a Mac artist. I wanted to try new things and she did an amazing job by getting me to fall in love with something I wouldn’t have looked at twice. Apart from using this blush as I would do with any normal blush, I also like using this on above my contour and below a lighter, pinkier blush shade. In this way, I get some more dimension in my cheeks. That is, if I’m being all fancy.

So yes, I’m an addict. I love makeup and I love blush. It’s something I wear everyday and I also love buying — especially when it looks pretty and it’s at an affordable price. Am I the only blush addict around here?