My most frequently used hand creams – Day 18 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

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For day 18 of the 30 days of beauty challenge, here are my most frequently used hand creams. I never thought of myself as someone who religiously uses hand cream but somehow, I found three products that I use regularly.

First up, L’Occitane Creme Mains. This is the hand cream that I currently have in my handbag. I carry around a hand cream and a cuticle balm in my handbag and these get pulled out when I’m having some sort of beauty break either on a train or at my desk. Some people have cigarette breaks, I have beauty breaks. I didn’t buy this product, it must have either been free with a magazine or free with some L’Occitane promotion box. Although this resides in my handbag, this is by no means my favourite hand cream. It leaves my hands greasy, I’m not too keen on the vanilla smell and I can’t vouch for any intense moisture. It’s just there because I got it for free and it serves its purpose for rubbing some cream on my hands during my mini beauty breaks.

Nivea Soft (Face, Body, Hands). I use this as my face moisturiser, and it serves its purpose for that. When I’m done moisturising my face, I rub any excess onto my hands. If my hands are feeling a little dry, I squeeze some extra product out and rub that into my hands. This is an easily absorbed cream that’s lightly scented. It moisturises and it’s convenient. I’ve never thought of this as a wow product but at the same time, it’s a product that I find very convenient and use daily. A good all rounder.

Finally, we have the star of the show, the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. This is the cream I use when my hands are very dry in winter. This is a glycerin hand cream that I would recommend to people with dry hands. I love the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula line and this does a great job at deeply moisturising and repairing dry hands. A tiny amount of product is more than enough and it’s very quickly absorbed. It leaves my hands feeling soft and it’s not greasy at all. I love this.

I hope you found this post useful 🙂