Mascara – Day 15 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge




Mascara is a product that I strongly believe that it’s not worth spending a lot of money on. There’s a wide array of fantastic drugstore mascaras that work as good as, if not better than high end mascaras. I refuse to buy full size high end mascaras even though I’ve tried out quite a few through being given samples.

I choose what mascara to wear based on one of two uses that I have for it. 1. Wearing it by itself and 2. Wearing it with falsies, of course. When I wear a mascara by itself I look for both length and volume and when I wear a mascara to go under falsies, all I want is for my eyelashes to look black and stay where I put them (hidden into the falsies).

I currently have a ton of unopen mascaras and a ton of open ones. For a while my favourite was the Maybelline falsies – this is great for wearing on its own. However, recently I’ve been loving the Essence Lash Princess mascara that I received in a Glossybox a few months ago. This is an amazing mascara and I think I’m liking it more that the Maybelline one. It’s less clumpy and I find that it’s easy to apply again over a dry coat making it very easy to build up.

My current favourite for putting under falsies is the Benefit roller lash mascara. It’s ok to wear on its own as well but I find that it takes quite a while to build up, I usually don’t bother. For under falsies, it’s great for keeping the lashes curled up without needing to curl them in advance. I have this in a sample size that I got for free when this launched but I should add that if I were to repurchase, I’d purchase the small size over the full size. I found that it’s cheaper (by the ml) to buy Benefit mascaras in the smaller size and I find that it’s enough for the 3 months that mascara should be used for.

What’s your favourite mascara?