Let’s talk foundation – Day 10 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 22.46.33I love foundation and it’s the base of every makeup look that I do. Which foundation I wear depends on how my skin is – dry, oily (t-zone), blemished, dark, light. In this post I’ll talk about four of my favourite foundations.

The first foundation in the picture is the Mac Studio Sculpt. This is a gorgeous medium to full coverage foundation that has a thick texture and it’s certainly silicone based. This foundation gives me a flawless finish and it’s very dewy. I wear this when I’m going for a very dewy look.

The Mac Sudio Fix Fluid is another great foundation that’s amazing in photos. It has a buildable coverage and it’s very warm. I have it in the same shade as the Mac Studio Sculpt but I find that this one is more yellow. It looks amazing in photos and in the evening but if I don’t have a tan and wear it during the day it can look a bit too yellow on me. One thing to note about this foundation is that it oxidises. Originally I had bought a darker shade but I had to go and swap it for a lighter shade because when it oxidised, my first shade became too dark on me. It’s a good think to keep in mind about this foundation.

The Boots No.7 foundation is the one I wear when I want a perfect look that lasts all day. It’s a very matte foundation and it wears very well — it stays matte all day. This has a very full coverage but when I’m not going for that porcelain doll look, I sheer it out with some moisturiser or BB cream. It still wears very well even when mixed with a moisturiser.

The last foundation is the Bare Minerals Original. This makes my skin look like gorgeous skin rather than looking like I’m wearing foundation. The coverage is light to medium. I wear it with the matching primer from Bare Minerals. Somehow, after I remove this foundation, my skin feels amazingly soft. I don’t know whether it’s the minerals or the primer. But I’m in love.

Do let me know of any foundations that you think I might like, I love trying new things!