Makeup Storage — Day 9 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

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For Day 9 we’ll be talking about makeup.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been unsettled in terms of physical location. I moved houses twice within the last year and it seems like quite shortly I’ll be moving house again. Knowing that I’m unstable means that I keep most of my life packed and ready to move on. It’s a bit unsettling at times but it does keep me organised.

Most of my makeup is stored on my bathroom shelving. This is the makeup I use most often. The rest of my makeup is stored in a moving box that I access whenever I want to use something more fancy.

For this post I thought that the most interesting thing for me to talk about is my favourite makeup shelf in my bathroom since that organised for ease of use. I wouldn’t say that I’m the most organised person in the world but I don’t like hunting for my favourite makeup products so I had to figure out a way of organising them such that I know where everything is and I know that it’s convenient for me to reach for things and put them back in their place. This system has worked for me for a few months, so I like it.

At the back of the shelf are my hairs styling products, don’t mind those.

In the middle row I keep three containers for 1. Eye brushes and mascaras, 2. Eyeliners, Lip liners and three of my LA girl concealers that fit nicely in there 3.  Face makeup brushes. The first two containers on the left are more shallow than the third container since it wouldn’t be so easy to reach my mascaras in the deeper container. I like to see everything.

The grey container has foundations at the top right corner, concealers, face powders, bronzers, blushes, highlight, a rogue brush, gel liners, brow products… And I think that’s pretty much it.

I have a stack of frequently used eyeshadow palettes on my window sill but I wouldn’t really call that makeup storage, would you?

The rest of my makeup is in a not so exciting moving box. Since this isn’t the “makeup collection” post that should be posted on the last day of the challenge, I thought that I’d leave all my makeup collection for that day.

When I first moved into this house (last January) it took me a few reshuffles to settle on an organisation system for my everyday makeup. I’m pretty happy with this since I tend to keep it as it is in the photo and I haven’t had to reshuffle everything in a long time. I think this is here to stay … Until I move again.