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The Power of Makeup Palette First Impressions

You guys! Check out my first impressions review of the Too Faced The Power of Makeup collection by NikkieTutorials!

In the video I show you what came in the box with this collection, I do some swatches and I try out some of the makeup and create a makeup look using Wham Bam.

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Playing with Makeup

Often when we watch beauty gurus, we only see very finished and beautiful looks that were created by gurus when they’ve been using products for quite a while. Personally, when I use new makeup I’m not a pro at it… And I mess up!

In this video you can see me playing with new makeup. Some hits, some misses…. Some successes and some fails. Hopefully it can provide you with some entertainment.

I’m not too keen on the final result but I think it’s funny to show as a “I played with new makeup and this is what happened” haha