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Wjcon Makeup Wipes Review

Wjcon Wipes 72 Pack

Wjcon Wipes 72 Pack

Wjcon is an Italian makeup brand that I heard about through Maltese beauty bloggers. In the UK I never had access to a store but this month, I had to make a trip to Paola (in Malta) to check out the store.

These makeup wipes were the first thing to catch my eye while I was walking in. I was running out of my Johnson’s makeup wipes and seeing that these wipes cost €3.90 for 72 wipes, it was a no brainer to give them a go. Due to the low price tag, I didn’t have any high hopes for these. If they remove my makeup — I’m happy.

These certainly don’t disappoint! I’ve tried makeup wipes from more expensive, more famous brands and they don’t do as good a job as these. The wipes are very moist, each wipe is drenched in remover. The remover removes my makeup very easily, possibly even easier than my favourite Johnson’s makeup wipes. After using any makeup wipes I always wash my face to remove the residue and I did the same with these. My skin is left feeling very soft and moisturised and I never broke out from these.

My only issue with these wipes is that the material itself seems to crumble while I’m removing my makeup. I never thought of myself as someone who’s rough at removing my makeup but this fact may prove otherwise. That said, they only start crumbling towards the end of my removal process and I only ever use one wipe to remove my whole face of makeup.

Final Verdict

I really like these wipes, I’m enjoying them. I’m about half way through the packet so I can’t talk about whether they will dry out or not by the end. So far they’re going strong — still as moist as they were when I opened this packet, I think the plastic lid does a great job at ensuring this and I have high hopes for them not letting me down till the last wipe.

I would say that I still prefer my favourite wipes, the Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone wipes simply because these crumble. That said, these wipes are much cheaper and they do the job. If they remain moist till the last wipe, I’ll repurchase these!


The base for beautiful makeup – Skincare. Day 7 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

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Day 7 – Skincare

First off, skincare products work different on different people. I also find that I use different products depending on how my skin is behaving. I don’t always use the same face mask, or the same moisturisers. But here are some of the products that I use most regularly.

First off, moisturisers.

My go to day and night moisturiser is the Nivea Soft moisturiser. This has some Vitamin E and Jojoba oil and I can honestly say that it makes my skin soft. If my skin is extra dry, I sleep with the Etude House moisturising sleeping pack. I had never heard of the concept of sleeping packs until last year. They’re part of the Korean skin care routine. They’re applied generously at the end of your routine, you sleep in them, and you wash them off in the morning. This one works great. After a couple of minutes from applying it it goes tacky, it does feel like something that seals in moisture. In the morning when I wash my face, my face feels shiny, plump and moisturised. I sometimes use the collagen version of this mask but I much prefer this one.

Next up is lip care. My holy grail lip balm is the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip balm. It’s the one lip balm that works on me. I also love the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula body lotion. I use this over my body and I also use it as a hand cream. I love that it comes in a pump and it absorbs quickly and really works.

I decided to include the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream and my Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patches. I don’t use these everyday but the eight hour cream is excellent for quickly moisturising dry patches (such as elbows). I apply this generously before sleeping and in the morning my elbows are smooth and soft. The eye patches are also a Korean product. These are gel patches that are soaked in a serum. I wear these under my eyes for half an hour and my eyes feel soothed. I haven’t really given them a proper test to see whether they do anything for my dark circles, I use them occasionally when I’m up for a half hour pamper session.

Next up, cleansing.

Every night I remove my makeup using Johnson’s makeup be gone wipes. I haven’t tried these extra sensitive ones yet but the varieties that I’ve tried from this range have been really well saturated with cleanser and they remove makeup very easily. I’ve tried a variety of cleansing wipes and but I haven’t found another brand that’s so easy to use. After using the makeup wipe, I use the No 7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser. This removes the residue from the face wipes and also leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

I mainly use two face masks. I use the Glamgldw Youthful Mud Mask to extract blackheads and any gunk from my skin. This also works really well for exfoliating. After using this mask my skin looks squeaky clean and yes, it glows. I don’t always use the Glamgldw mask all over my face. Every once in a while, when I have some problem areas I simply apply it there and it works great. If I that I have a pimple that’s about to claim it’s space on my face, I quickly use the Glamgldw as a spot treatment and it starts deflating this.

When my skin is doing alright and I just want a relaxing all over face mask I like to use the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. This works really well but it doesn’t have the same drastic effects as the Glamglow mask. It’s great as a milder treatment.

And that’s it for my most frequently used skin care products. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different and you really need to assess the situation with your skin and figure out what products work for it on that day. I find it quite hard to stick to a particular product constantly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think!