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Pupa Milano Made to Last Lip Duo in Opulent Red

Pupa Made To Last Red Lip Duo Glossy

Pupa Made To Last Red Lip Duo Glossy

With Christmas right around the corner I’m in the mood for a great red lipstick. Recently, Pupa Milano sent me this Made To Last lip duo in Opulent Red and today I thought I’d try it out. It has a matte red liquid lipstick on one side and a glossy top coat on the other side. You can wear it either matte or glossy, and from my experience it’s very comfortable to wear both ways. The matte lipstick isn’t too drying and it absolutely does not budge!

The glossy top coat makes the red much more vibrant. You can see the glossy lip on the top picture and the matte lip in the pictures below. I thought I liked the matte lip better but looking at these pictures, I’m loving the glossy lip more now. I’m definitely getting into gloss! It’s so vibrant and Christmassy.

If you’re into a glossy red lip, this is a really fantastic choice. If you wear red lipgloss, you risk getting it all over your face (even with simply having single strands of hair getting stuck to it with the wind). With this duo, the red pigment is adhered to your lips, and the gloss sits on top.

I was in a brave mood today and I wore the glossy version to go for a fenkata in Mgarr. I must say that this stayed put and did not budge. It looked good even after I devoured my Fenek bit-tewm but I was quite careful to not smudge it all over my face. When I got home, I wanted to remove it, so that I don’t have to think about smudging it everywhere, and it was quite difficult to remove with my micellar water. It eventually came off, but I am really impressed with its longevity.

Pupa Made To Last Matte

Pupa Made To Last Matte

Pupa Milano Made to Last

Pupa Milano Made to Last

I do wish that I took a close up photo of the glossy look as well. But I thought that this was my favourite version of the lipstick.

I’ll be wearing the glossy version of this lipstick all throughout December. This is yet another fantastic product from Pupa Milano.

Besos xx

NYX San Juan Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX San Juan Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX San Juan Soft Matte Lip Cream

Here’s the NYX San Juan Soft Matte Lip Cream. I love wearing orange lipsticks in summer and I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect orange lipstick with the perfect orange shade, pigmentation, lasting power and moisture.

Although I like orange lipstick, I don’t like my orange lipstick to be very bright and this NYX San Juan shade really does satisfy my shade expectations. My problem with this lipstick is that I don’t like its consistency. It’s quite difficult to get a smooth and even coverage with this, and as you can see in the photo, it’s settling in my lip lines.

The texture of these NYX soft matte lip creams is actually really nice. It’s like they are something in between a liquid lipstick and a bullet lipstick. Even though they are a liquid formula, on the lips they feel like a matte lipstick applied from a bullet. They don’t feel very matte, powdery and extremely drying. They’re not moisturising either.

As for longevity, this does stay on until I wipe it off and it doesn’t leave a lot of transfer onto my glass when I drink. I also really like that it’s easy to wipe off.

All in all, although I love the shade texture and longevity, I’m still on the hunt for an orange lipstick that applies more evenly and maybe moisturises my lips a bit more.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know!

Orange Besos xx

KIKO 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 07

Matte liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and here I am, craving a beautiful lipgloss. I picked up this Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss when I was in Italy back in September and I am absolutely in love with everything about it.

KIKO 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 07

KIKO 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 07

First off, the packaging. It comes in a box… I chuck this out anyway so Kiko doesn’t get any points for that, BUT… the lipgloss tube itself! The shape of it is beautiful but what’s better is that you can see and feel when it’s closed because the shape of the wand lines up with the shape of the tube and it makes a little click. This packaging is perfection, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Now here’s the thing about lipgloss… Not everybody likes it (no shit). I like my lipgloss to be thick and to feel a bit sticky on my lips. When a lipgloss is a bit sticky, I find that it lasts a lot longer on my lips. I love the Mac Lipglasses for this reason, they’re very thick and very sticky but they last a really long time. This Kiko lipgloss formula doesn’t quite beat the Mac Lipglasses but it comes in pretty close!

I love how this is thick enough to make my lips look a little bit plumper and as for the “hydra” bit of the name, yes, it is indeed very hydrating.

I love this particular colour, shade 07. It’s a perfect pinky nude colour that’s just perfect in my eyes. It’s the colour that I wish that my lips could be.

I love everything about this lipgloss, it’s really truly stunning and it exceeded all of my expectations.

KikoMilano_Hydra Gloss 3D

KikoMilano_Hydra Gloss 3D

This is certainly worth picking up if you’re at a Kiko store and you’re into thick sticky lipglosses.

PS: My boyfriend hates it.

Sticky Besos xx


Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr


Recently, Catrice Malta kindly sent me a lovely PR package with some Catrice favourites and this red lipstick was one of the products.

The packaging of this lipstick looks like a crayon and this promises to be a 6 hour wear matte lipstick.

So my first impressions of this lipstick is that the colour is a perfect red and I was really impressed with how pigmented it is. One swipe gave me a full coverage.

Here’s what it looks like on my lips…

When I applied this, I found it quite difficult to get nice clear edges with this shape of bullet. It was quite difficult to get my cupid’s bow looking right. I did end up having to clean it up with some concealer.

I do love the coverage and the colour of red. It is certainly very matte but I felt like this lipstick immediately started drying out my lips.

After a couple of hours, this started to look quite dry and flaky and for this reason, I’m not a fan of this lipstick. I own many other red lipsticks and this is one that will be quite far down my list of red lipsticks of choice.

I am disappointed by how this wears because I do love the colour and the finish. That said, this isn’t a lipstick I can recommend unless your lips are perfectly moist and you’re not worried about drying and flaking.


Flormar store opening & New Products


With Lady Davi and Stefy Puglisevich at the Event

I spent this evening at the brand spanking new Flormar store that opened right opposite Bay Street in Malta, next to the I Am accessories store. The event was to celebrate the new store and to introduce us to the new Flormar range. This is Flormar’s second shop in Malta, read about my first trip to Flormar in Paola here.

The new collection consists of the two types of BB Creams: The Blur Effect BB Cream and the Anti-Blemish BB Cream. The blur effect BB Cream helps conceal imperfections and contains SPF 30 and the Anti Blemish BB Cream is oil free with a mattifying effect that’s suitable for blemished and combination to oily skin.


Flormar Blur Effect BB Cream

The next product is the Match BB Lip Balm that has customised shades that adapt to your lips according to your lips PH Balance.


Flormar Match BB Lip Balm

Flormar also came out with an Extreme Matte Lipstick. The first thing that caught my eye with this lipstick is the really interesting bullet shape that it has. It is SO pretty! When one of the bloggers pointed this out to me I went to pick up one of the lipsticks… you know.. to have a better look at the shape, and I low key hit it with my nail and ruined it. Shh!

Anyway… This lippie is meant to be very matte and not drying on the lips. It’s worth getting this just to look at the diamond shape of it. I won’t hit yours, I promise.


Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick

Finally, there’s the new Satin Matte Blush hat comes in six different shades and the packaging comes with a tiny brush and a small mirror. I love how the packaging of this lets you see the colour of the blush from inside while also containing a small mirror. I love this packaging from Flormar.


Flormar Satin Matte Blush

That’s it!

Do go check out the new store in Paceville and check out these new products.

Thank you Flormar Malta for inviting me to this awesome event!