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3ina -The Eye Gloss – Review

Recently 3ina Malta sent this eye gloss for me to try out and since I got it, I’ve been really curious about how it works. 3ina is a very new brand and I’m loving their direction. They launch new and innovative products very regularly, they’re affordable and I’ve had quite a few really good experiences with makeup from this brand! But honestly, although I absolutely love this brand, this eye gloss got me very sceptical. It won’t work… I’m going to end up with goopy sticky eyes with the product bunched up in my eyelid creases aren’t I? Well, here’s my honest review and the makeup look I ended up with.

3ina Eye Gloss

3ina Eye Gloss

First up, the packaging — This works, but I’m not a fan. To get the product out, you twist the bottom and the product comes out on the sponge applicator on the top. Although this was easier to use than I anticipated, I’m not keen on this sort of packaging because I can’t dispense exactly as much product as I want. I would have preferred the packaging of this to look more like a lip gloss with a brush tip applicator, for example.

I swatched this on my hand and it has quite a thick and sticky consistency. It’s very similar in consistency to the 3ina lipgloss that was part of the neon line, and I find it to be quite similar to Mac lipglasses, but  maybe just a bit less sticky. It has a slight fragrance, one I would expect in a lip product. I think it’s a faint vanilla scent. The fragrance is absolutely unnecessary and when I smelt it, I thought that this is just lip gloss, repackaged and sold as an eye gloss.

Since it’s quite sheer and I wanted a richer colour out of it, I wanted to see what it looks like on top of an eyeshadow of a similar colour. So I swatched the eye gloss by itself (rightmost swatch) and I swatched the 102 Art Freedom Eyeshadow palette shadow that’s closest to this gloss colour (you can see this on the left) then I swatched the shadow with the gloss on it on the right. Bingo. That’s what I wanted it to look like.

3ina Eyegloss Swatches

3ina Eyegloss Swatches

So then onto the eyes… I first tried wearing this on a regular blended out and blown out smokey eye. My blending game was a mess today, and when I put the eye gloss on top, I was noticing some patchiness but I wasn’t sure whether it was because I didn’t blend very well or whether it was because the eye gloss moved my eyeshadow around, leaving me patchy.

I thought that that wasn’t a fair shot for the product, so I decided to try a sharp graphic liner look and use the eye gloss in the centre. I defined my eyeliner (I was feeling fancy), then I filled in the empty space with the burgandy eyeshadow from the art freedom palette, then the moment of truth, the eye gloss.

This exceeded all my expectations, it applied a lot better that I ever thought it would and it didn’t bunch up in the lines on my lid, it didn’t move around when I moved my eyes, it wasn’t patchy in the slightest… It did everything that a fantastic eye gloss should ever do. This is a usable product that actually looks really nice! That said, I haven’t worn it by itself (i.e. not over an eyeshadow), but I’m loving how it looks like this!

3ina Eye Gloss

3ina Eye Gloss Makeup Look

I wasn’t going anywhere today, so after a couple of hours I removed this makeup. I can’t report on the longevity of this but I can say that it looked good until I removed it. I should also say that this felt comfortable and it didn’t make my eyelids feel sticky. Given that I was expecting a goopy mess on my eyes, I’m very impressed with this!

Very big well done 3ina! This product is really innovative and it’s bomb!


Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette

Recently Max Factor Malta sent me some goodies and this Masterpiece Nude palette was one of them. Max Factor make three of these nude palettes: Capuccino  Nudes, Golden Nudes and the one I received, the Rose Nudes.



My very first impression of this is that this is Max Factor’s take on Urban Decay’s Naked palette range. These palettes have fewer colours and since this is a drugstore brand, this is at a much more affordable price.

The packaging of this palette is very much in line with Max Factor’s Hollywood Glamour branding with the gold packaging and I love it! It also comes with a sponge applicator (but y’all know how I feel about those).

This palette has a good selection of colours, with matte base and crease colours, shimmery colours for over the lid and your deep dark colours for a smokey eye. If it’s not your first time reading my blog you probably know that I love my warm shadows for the crease. This palette is missing matte warm shades and I find that I can’t wear an eye look using the colours in this palette alone, since I look very washed out. More on that later.

So here are the swatches of these shadows.

-MASTERPIECE NUDE PALETTE _ SwatchesWhile swatching these shadows I found the shadows to be quite crumbly and powdery. When I picked them up on my finger they felt very chalky and crumbly. That said, I did manage to get smooth and opaque swatches out of them. When I applied these over my eyes with a brush, I did get some fall out but this was easily sorted with lightly brushing it off with a fluffy brush.

Down below you can see a makeup look that I created with this palette. I started off by using the lightest shade all over my lid then I applied the matte dusty pink shade (5th from left) in my crease, and added some of the dark colours to my lid. The dark colours seem to all come off looking the same (or very similar to each other) on my lid, even though in the swatches they do look different. I felt that with the dusty rose in my crease I was looking very dull, so I ended up going over it with a warm eyeshadow (not from this palette).

I do like the first (very light matte), second (light shimmery pink) and fourth (rose gold) colours in this palette and I would wear these on my lid together with a darker warm shadow in my crease.

This look lasted a good 8 hours (in Malta’s hot summer) with no creasing. I’m actually quite impressed by the longevity of it.


Final Verdict

If you like wearing cool tones and dusty rose colours, you might want to check out this palette. It’s an affordable palette with colours to complete a cool toned rosey smokey eye. The texture of the shadows is quite powdery and chalky but you can get a full coverage out of them and they wore very well throughout the day without creasing. My biggest concern with this palette is that the dark colours all came off looking the same (or very similar to each other) when I applied them on my lid. As a personal preference, I don’t find that I can wear a complete look with this palette alone since I don’t like the dusty rose in my crease but I’m pretty sure that the warmer palettes wouldn’t have that problem.


Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Collection | Reviews and Swatches


Pupa Milano Intense Kajal & Made To Last & Balm Oil



Yesterday I received a PR Package from Pupa Milano’s importers in Malta with some new products from the Bronze Fever Collection. I immediately ripped it open to see what I got and swatched everything (see below).
Pupa Milano Intense Kajal & Made To Last & Balm Oil Swatches


I got the Kajal Liner in 003 Nude, the Made to Last waterproof eyeshadow stick in 015 and the Balmy Oil in 004.

This morning I used all these products together and I’ve been wearing this makeup look throughout the day.

Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Line
I’ll give you the run down on each of these products starting with the Kajal Liner in 003 Nude. I used this liner in my top and bottom waterlines. This is very soft and pigmented and it was great for brightening up my eyes. The product itself worked perfectly. I never used a Kajal liner in this shape before. It doesn’t twist up and all of the product is exposed when the cap is removed. While using this I was wondering what this is going to be like when I use up more of it. Will it be very thick and blunt when I get to the end? Will it get dry because it’s exposed? I think if it was in a regular pencil form it would also be better for hygene but the product itself is really excellent.

Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Collection

The next product I tried is the Made to Last Shadow stick. This does precisely what it says it does and I’m super impressed with it. To use this I first put a transition shadow in my crease and then I applied this shadow stick directly to my lid and blended it out with my fingers. So far I’ve been wearing it for 10 hours in the hot Malta climate and I have absolutely no signs of fading or creasing. When I swatched it on my hand yesterday it was difficult to remove the swatch so this certainly meets its made to last claim! The colour I got is 015 and it’s a light maroon with warm, brown undertones. This shadow stick also comes with a sharpener at the end and this is really excellent because if this needs sharpening I don’t have to fumble around in my makeup drawer to find my makeup sharpener (yes, that’s always a thing when one of my pencils needs sharpening). This product gets two thumbs up, five stars and my highest recommendation. I want all of the shades!

Pupa Milano Balm Oil

Finally the Balmy Oil. This is a lip balm that looks like a lip gloss, feels like a balm and has a slight tint of colour. This is STUNNING and another two thumbs up, five stars and my highest recommendation. It feels very comfortable on the lips, it has a medium to thick texture that stays put on the lips until you remove it (or eat or whatever), it doesn’t settle into the lines on my lips and the thick texture and glossy finish actually make my lips look a bit plumper than they actually are. The slight wash of colour is gorgeous. What really impressed me about this product is that I removed it about 5 hours ago to have lunch and until now my lips are feeling very hydrated and well nourished. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a lip balm that left my lips feeling so nourished for this many hours after I’ve removed it. As for wear time, this isn’t designed as a long wearing product but it didn’t budge until I removed it myself. I hate eating with creamy or balmy products on my lips.

Check out the rest of the Pupa Milano Bronze Fever Collection on their website. I’m really intrigued about that face and body highlight product.

Here’s the price list for the Bronze Fever Collection

Made to Last Waterproof Eyeshadow. € 10.80

Vamp! Intense Kajal €11.10

Balmy Oil  € 11.25

Face and Body Highlighter € 15.25

Lasting Colour Gel  € 6.15


And if you’re in Malta, you can find the range from these outlets:

SLIEMA: Monopole Bisazza Street

B’BUGIA: The Secret

: Martin’s Pharmacy

QRENDI: Kolour Tips

MARSASCALA : Essence Hair & Beauty

MARSAXLOKK: Epoca Beauty Salon

ZEBBUG: De Rohan Pharmacy

ZURRIEQ: Kristianne Pharmacy

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs. Unicorns Palette

I got this Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs. Unicorns palette from my recent trip to Spain and I tried it out today.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Palette

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Down & Palette

As I’m writing this review my facebook notifications are going crazy with all the likes I’m getting from posting the photo at the end of this post in The Beauty Game facebook group. The girls there seem to be loving this colourful eye look on me. If you’re reading this and you came from The Beauty Game, Hiiiiiii, thanks for stopping by! if not, you should totally join the group.

So here’s the low down on this palette and what I thought of it while trying to achieve the final look.

This is what the palette itself looks like. The packaging itself is very similar to the Iconic 3 Palette that I reviewed recently. I’m personally not a big fan of having the shadow pans being so long and narrow. The best way for me to get these shadows on my eyes are by using my fingers and my fingers are wider than the pans. This also comes with a double ended sponge applicator that I don’t care for. I prefer brushes.

Mermaids Vs. Unicorns Palette

Mermaids Vs. Unicorns Palette

Here are the swatches of this palette. Most of these shadows are shimmery. When swatched, almost all of the shadows are quite pigmented and smooth but the leftmost shadow (light green) doesn’t give much of a colour payoff.

Mermaids vs. Unicorns Swatches

Mermaids vs. Unicorns Swatches

i started playing around with this palette and ended up using most of the shades and throwing them on my eye. I ended up with the look below. Unlike what I usually do, I did experiment with this eye look before putting on my full face of makeup. That means that I started with the eyes and I had a couple of attempts where i wasn’t happy with how it was turning out.

So first off, I will say that the shimmer in these shadows is the annoying type. If it falls onto your cheeks it’s quite difficult to get rid of because it will stick to the skin. Definitely work on your eyes first before doing the rest of your face makeup.

I also noticed two more things. The colour payoff is better when applied directly over concealer. I usually apply concealer on my lids to conceal any darkness then I apply a base shadow. These shadows don’t look so vivid if applied over a base shadow.

That said, the pink eyeshadows that are in my crease did need some powder to blend into. So after applying my concealer, I applied a light coloured powder on my brow bone and brought it down to where that pink shadow ends.

Now for the pink shadow. I first applied the fourth shadow from the right with a blending brush then the fifth from right a bit further down to deepen up that first pink. My problem with these shadows is that they’re very shimmery and I absolutely hate shimmer in the crease. I was a smart ass, and picked up another brush and blended that pink more and noticed that the shimmer was falling out (onto my cheek). Perfect, just what I wanted. So I knocked off as much shimmer from those pink shades as much as I can.

On most of my lid I used those middle to blue shades and for the corner of my eye I used the green that’s second from the left on the palette. I made sure that I blended those blue and green well and that both shadows blended into that pink nicely.

For the outer corner of my lid, I used the purple and dark blue shades (2nd and 6th from the right) to deepen my outer corner. I placed the blue closest to the lighter blue shade and I place the dark purple at the outer corner to blend into those pinks.

On my lower lash line I’m wearing both of the pink shades and I put on some of the green shade in the centre, then didn’t quite like it and went over it with the pink shades again. There’s still a hint of green there. (lol)

After I was done with applying the shadows, I cleaned up my whole face with makeup remover, applied my liner, mascara, lashes, brows, foundation, concealer (under my eyes and where I needed it) , setting powder, bronzer, blush, lipstick and anything else that I probably forgot to mention.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Makeup Look

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Makeup Look

Woo… that’s a long post! Comment with the word “Unicorn” or “Mermaid’ if you made it till the end. 🙂


theBalm Smoke Balm Smokey Eye Palette 2 |Review + Swatches + Makeup Look

I’m a big fan of theBalm eyeshadows and couldn’t resist buying this theBalm Smoke Balm Smokey Eye Palette 2 for a quick smokey eye. The packaging is the iconic theBalm cardboard packaging with a very vintage design aesthetic. I love the design but as always with theBalm, I would prefer if my palettes weren’t cardboard. Nonetheless, I love the eyshadows so I couldn’t resist picking this one up.

Smoke Balm Packaging

Smoke Balm Packaging

This comes with an outer sleeve that’s identical to the print on the palette itself. On the front it has phrases that says, “Warning: May cause shortness of breath in men.” I find this charming.

Here’s what it looks like inside. This comes with a small mirror and there’s some print on top of the mirror that says “Product of theBalm Smoking Hot Eyeshadows” with the French translation next to it. On top of the shadows themselves there’s written “Honey, you light up my world!” and the French Translation next to it. So adorable.

The shadow names are Kindle, Glow and Combust.

Smoke Balm Palette

Smoke Balm Palette

Kindle is a very dark forest green with gold shimmer in it. This shade is the darkest shade in the palette. Since it’s a shimmery shadow I don’t like using this in the crease but I do like it blended up into Glow. Kindle can also be used as an eyeliner for a subtle look, or at the outer V of the eyelid.

Glow is a matte light brown shadow with a bit of a neutral-warm undertone. It’s not too orange. This is a really beautiful transition shade blended into the crease.

Combust is a very shimmery champagne shade that looks pretty either as an inner corner highlight and even all over the lid. I was hoping that I’d be able to use this to highlight my brow bone as well but I find it too shimmery for that purpose.

Smoke Balm Swatches

Smoke Balm Swatches

All three shades are a bit powdery but they do stick to my skin and don’t budge all day. Any fallout sweeps away very easily with a fluffy brush. They’re very blendable and achieving the eye look below was very quick. For a smokey eye, I would normally use more transition shades but I really like how this look turned out with just these three shadows.

theBalm Smoke Balm Smokey Eye Palette 2

theBalm Smoke Balm Smokey Eye Palette 2