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Lush Cosmetics. Body products – Day 26 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Lush Fizzbanger

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

I have a few favourite body products, but a company that stands out for me is Lush Cosmetics. I love their bath bombs and I’d probably call those my “favourite body product”. My life can get quite busy and stressful and I find that having a hot bath using one of the amazing Lush bath bombs really puts me at ease.

I love that the ingredients that Lush use are natural, they’re an environmentally friendly company and also cruelty free.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had never tried anything from Lush. I used to walk into a Lush store and get put off by the pungent smell and walk away. Somehow, last year I got over it (my sense of smell has changed? possibly?)… And I’ve been hooked since.

I’ve tried their bath bombs, bath melts, bubble bars, shower jellies, shower gels, scrubs, masks, massage bars, solid soaps, solid shampoo & conditioners (life changing) and more! The only product I haven’t been impressed with is the sugar lip scrub. Not because it’s a bad product but because I realised that I don’t like sugar lip scrubs. It’s a great sugar scrub as far as sugar scrubs go.

Back to the bath bombs. They have an amazing range of shades, colours, fragrances… There’s something for everyone. When I bought my first few I thought that they were quite expensive products. Then I realized that It’s not just a matter of buying all the ingredients (that they do list!) and mixing them together, mould them and get the Lush bath bomb. The coloured bits are strategically placed such that when they dissolve, it’s a spectacle and an experience in itself. How they put them together is very smart.

I considered buying moulds (that are cheap) and the ingredients that they use to put the bath bombs together myself (never mind the spectacle) and I found out that doing this would work out to be more expensive than buying the bath bomb from the shop.That’s because of 1. The ingredients are all natural and good quality and 2. Lush gets a good rate on the ingredients because they’re a big company that buys in bulk. So no, they’re not expensive for what you get.

IMG_20150617_154114The bath bomb that’s in the picture at the top of this post is the Fizzbanger bath bomb. It has popping candy in it and apart from looking and smelling great, it sounds great. It really entertains your senses. When the bomb almost dissolved, this little note came out of it, “BANG” 😀 I think that’s adorable.

Some other Lush bath bombs release things to your bath such as dried flowers, seaweed, etc. Some bombs and bubble bars have a lot of glitter in them that makes them look pretty but a lot of people shy away from them because they’re worried about the glitter getting stuck to their body. I was at a store and mentioned to a sales girl that I don’t want to be covered in glitter for the rest of the day and she told me that they use mica to make the glitter, which is a natural mineral and it doesn’t stick to your body when you rinse it off. I was impressed, so I had to try it and lo and behold, she was right!

Anyway, I can’t get enough of these and I almost wish that I hadn’t realised that I like Lush products so much. My bank account would have been happier.




Anastasia Soare’s Brow Revolution – Day 25 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

If you follow the online beauty community you must have heard of the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve been seeing photos of great looking brows on Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, etc. and the product behind most of those brows have been from the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

A few months ago I thought I’d look further into the brand and I found that the woman behind it is Anastasia Soare, a Romanian immigrant who’s living the American Dream. I watched some youtube videos of her, including her doing a brow tutorial with Oprah, and an interview about her story.

For starters, her skills with brows and for formulating products for brows are extraordinary. Even more extraordinary is her story, her persona and her drive. Anastasia isn’t new to the beauty scene, she’s been working on celebrity clients and has been trying to bring attention to brows in the beauty scene for the last 25 years. I’m fascinated by the fact that she studied Art and Architecture while growing up and she brought in what she learnt from those two fields to the beauty industry. She has a Mathematical view of what makes people’s faces beautiful.

If you haven’t seen it already, do check out the video of Anastasia doing Oprah’s brows:

So far, the only product I own from her line is the Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown. I found that it’s a very good match for my brow colour and it makes drawing in extra brows that I don’t naturally have very easy. The most dramatic look that I have done with this product is the brow look from my recent J.Lo inspired video tutorial that I published on youtube. Check out the video from my youtube channel, linked in the sidebar. You can see the before and after for my brows through the screen grabs down below.

Brows B&A

Before and After applying Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown.

You can get a better view by watching the video 🙂

I like my brows to look as natural as possible and my tactic for doing this (although not perfect) has been to only apply product where I don’t have brow hairs but want brow hairs. I try to simulate hair but drawing brush strokes where I don’t have brows. I personally try to make the area I fill in match my natural brows. In this look, I only very lightly put product where I do have brows and that’s because if I apply as much product where I have brows as heavily as I do where I don’t have brows, there will be a visual difference between my natural hairs and my drawn on ones. I avoid that but this does come down to personal taste, of course.

I don’t usually choose to go so dramatic on my brows as that J.Lo tutorial. My go to brow look is what you can see down below. The method of application is very similar. Using a very precise angled brush I very lightly fill in the areas where I don’t have brow hairs and try to get the colour intensity to match the area where I have brows.

Brows My go to brow look

Although I’ve seen numerous good reviews and lovely photos of the dipbrow pomade on the internet, I’ve also read some complaints. First off, about the product being difficult to use. This certainly has a steeper learning curve than using a good brow pencil. However, if you use a very fine brush that lets you simulate the thickness of your own brow hairs and use very light brush strokes, it can be easy enough. Moreover, doing your brows using this product certainly takes longer than using a brow mascara, but the result is certainly different.

Another complaint about this product has been that it dries out very quickly. On the back of the box there’s a direction to screw the lid back on after each use for the product not to dry out. I have found that mine has dried up very slightly since I first started using it — even though I’ve been very vigilant about sealing the product shut after each use. It’s nothing that some Inglot Duraline can’t revive but it is something worth mentioning.

The dipbrow pomade is of course not the only product that I plan on trying from the Anastasia Beverly Hills line. Last week I ordered the Brow Wiz brow pencil and the Brow Kit that Anastasia uses on Oprah. They were on sale on Cult Beauty. Yes. I can’t be trusted in a sale.

I hope that you enjoyed this little post, when I receive and try out the other products for long enough you can expect a new brow post from me. 🙂


Physician’s Formula Eyeliner — Day 24 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Physician's Formula

My favourite eyeliner is a no brainer, it’s the Physician’s Formula Lash Booster 2 in 1 Eyeliner + Serum. I can’t say that this is the perfect eyeliner but this is the one I use and repurchased a few times.

It’s my favourite because it’s a brush tip eyeliner and the product comes through the bush without any excess on the bristles. The brush is very fine and it makes drawing very fine lines very easy. The colour Ultra Black is jet black, but it’s not matte. I can’t say that this product has done much to my natural lashes so don’t buy this for the lash boosting effect.

I’m inserting a picture of a red eyeliner look that I did a few weeks ago and it shows how precise this eyeliner is. For this look I first painted the red liner then I went over the outline using the Physician’s Formula liner. I put a vignette on the photo to get rid of the background but there are no more touch ups to this. You can see how precise I was able to get with this liner.IMG_20150530_161801-2I first discovered this eyeliner through the artist Tal Peleg on instagram. She has some amazing makeup art work, do check her out. In one of her posts she said that this is the eyeliner she uses and demonstrated how it works, see the embedded instagram post below.

As I mentioned previously, this eyeliner isn’t perfect. There are things that I wish were better. First off, the formula smudges if it comes into contact with water. If my eyes are a bit watery and I try to apply it in my inner corner, it can smudge and dissipate. It’s not a waterproof eyeliner and if it was, it would be much better.

Another issue to mention with this liner is the colour. There are “Black” and “Ultra Black” colours. The colour that’s called “Black” is actually more of a grey than a black. The Ultra Black is jet black. It doesn’t dry matte and I would also prefer it if it did.

It seems like there is a lot that I don’t like with this eyeliner but It is actually still my favourite because I can’t find one that has a matte, ultra black formula with a precise brush. What really sells it for me is the very precise brush.

I hope that you find this  post useful!


Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow Review and Swatches – Day 23 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge




For Day 23 of the 30 Days of Makeup Challenge I decided to write about my favourite eyeshadows. I am in love with Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I recently ordered more to add to my collection. These shadows are the shadows that got me to think “Oh, that’s what they mean by blending!”. They’re the easiest to blend eyeshadows I’ve ever used. They’re long lasting and all of these shadows but one from my collection are very pigmented.

On the top row of my palette, there are the shades: Bitten, Peach Smoothie, Chickadee, In the Spotlight and Masquerade.

Second row: Burlesque, Country Girl, Dirty Martini, Unexpected, Magic Act and Grand Stand

Third row: Creme Brulee, Latte, Cocoa Bear, Mocha, Mesmerized and Showtime.

Makeup Geek have a line of “Foiled Eyeshadows”. Regular shadows can be foiled by wetting/dampening the brush to pick up eyeshadow. Makeup Geek’s foiled eyeshadows give that foiled effect without having to wet the brush or the product. From what I understand, these eyeshadows have more oil in them and that’s what makes the foil effect. Makeup Geek suggests that these shadows don’t need a base because of their formula.

I heard amazing reviews about these foiled shadows so of course, I had to get some for myself.  I haven’t tried them out for long enough to be able to give a full review of these but I can give you my first impressions and some swatches!


Grandstand, Magic Act and In the Spotlight Swatches

Grandstand, Magic Act and In the Spotlight swatch very smoothly and they do look and feel like foiled shadow. In the pan they feel very firm yet creamy. It’s a texture I’ve never felt in any other shadow before. I did these swatches with a very light swipe of the finger on the pan and one swipe on my wrist. If I swipe my finger for longer on the shadows, I would get a much more vivid swipe.

Magic act was the first shadow I tried out. As suggested, I tried it out without a base and wore it for about 16 hours. After 6 hours I noticed tiny creases (i.e. going a third the way into my eyelid from the inner corner) and possibly a little fading. I was a little disappointed. At the end of the day, I checked my makeup again and it looked the same as it did 10 hrs earlier. Very tiny creases at the inner lid and it looked just a little faded. For 16 hours of wear, I find that that little creasing is acceptable for a shadow.

The next day I wore In The Spotlight. Again, I wore this for a full 16 hours with a couple of checks during the day. This time, I had no creasing at all and no fading throughout the whole day. I’m impressed.

I can’t give my confirmation that these won’t crease without a base, I’m still trying them out and I can give an update when I can give my final verdict.


Mesmerized, Showtime and Masquerade Swatches

Here you can see swatches for Mesmerized, Showtime and Masquerade. I haven’t worn these shadows yet but only swatched them. I’m in love with Mesmerized, I feel like this picture and all the swatches I’ve seen online of this don’t do it any justice. In person it looks simply amazing. Showtime is very similar to Burlesque but foiled. I can’t get enough of the reddish colours from the Makeup Geek shadows and I’m sure that I’m going to enjoy this shadow very much. Masquerade is the shadow that I had the highest hopes for and it’s the one that has me least impressed. With all the other swatches, one light tough and one swipe were enough to give a swatch. This shadow was hard to swatch and I had to build up to this colour. It’s certainly not as pigmented as the rest. It’s a nice colour, but it’s a colour that I think I’ll be using with a black base to deepen it and bring it out.

I hope that you found this review useful. If you’d like me to swatch my regular Makeup Geek eyeshadows do let me know and do subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with my posts! 🙂






Least Favourite Product – Day 22 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

glossybox moisturiserThis is by far my least favourite product that I’ve had my hands on lately. It’s the Astral original face and body moisturiser. I got this in the Iconic Hollywood Edition of the Glossybox that was themed around 1950s beauty.

Glossybox described this product like this…

” This versatile, rich moisturising cream has been a firm favourite amongst Hollywood stars and make-up artists alike since its creation in the 1950s – and we’re not surprised. Perfect for all ages, Astral hydrates deep below the skin’s surface and can even be used to remove make-up!”

Initially, my thoughts were that this is a product that has been on the market for about 60 years, then it must be good. I opened it, had a whiff, then though, “yep, they didn’t change the scent.” I was keen on trying it since I thought it would revolutionise my skin care regime, but… no.

It’s a very thick consistency and it feels very greasy. I’m one for trying things and I fist tried this to remove makeup (as Glossybox suggested) and no, it wasn’t working. I thought, fine, I don’t expect a moisturiser to remove my makeup really. So I removed my makeup and applied this as my moisturiser. My skin felt all clogged up and like it can’t breathe. As you can imagine, the next day I woke up to find that a new mountain had erected itself on my face.

I thought I’d try it as a body moisturiser. Again, it felt very greasy. This time, however, I also noticed that after I showered, my skin still looked and felt dry. This product makes me feel greasy but it doesn’t actually hydrate deep below the skin surface as Glossybox suggested.

Essentially, this is my lease favourite product because it’s useless for my skin. It might work for others, but my skin and Astral Original simply don’t get along.