3ina -The Eye Gloss – Review

Recently 3ina Malta sent this eye gloss for me to try out and since I got it, I’ve been really curious about how it works. 3ina is a very new brand and I’m loving their direction. They launch new and innovative products very regularly, they’re affordable and I’ve had quite a few really good experiences with makeup from this brand! But honestly, although I absolutely love this brand, this eye gloss got me very sceptical. It won’t work… I’m going to end up with goopy sticky eyes with the product bunched up in my eyelid creases aren’t I? Well, here’s my honest review and the makeup look I ended up with.

3ina Eye Gloss

3ina Eye Gloss

First up, the packaging — This works, but I’m not a fan. To get the product out, you twist the bottom and the product comes out on the sponge applicator on the top. Although this was easier to use than I anticipated, I’m not keen on this sort of packaging because I can’t dispense exactly as much product as I want. I would have preferred the packaging of this to look more like a lip gloss with a brush tip applicator, for example.

I swatched this on my hand and it has quite a thick and sticky consistency. It’s very similar in consistency to the 3ina lipgloss that was part of the neon line, and I find it to be quite similar to Mac lipglasses, but  maybe just a bit less sticky. It has a slight fragrance, one I would expect in a lip product. I think it’s a faint vanilla scent. The fragrance is absolutely unnecessary and when I smelt it, I thought that this is just lip gloss, repackaged and sold as an eye gloss.

Since it’s quite sheer and I wanted a richer colour out of it, I wanted to see what it looks like on top of an eyeshadow of a similar colour. So I swatched the eye gloss by itself (rightmost swatch) and I swatched the 102 Art Freedom Eyeshadow palette shadow that’s closest to this gloss colour (you can see this on the left) then I swatched the shadow with the gloss on it on the right. Bingo. That’s what I wanted it to look like.

3ina Eyegloss Swatches

3ina Eyegloss Swatches

So then onto the eyes… I first tried wearing this on a regular blended out and blown out smokey eye. My blending game was a mess today, and when I put the eye gloss on top, I was noticing some patchiness but I wasn’t sure whether it was because I didn’t blend very well or whether it was because the eye gloss moved my eyeshadow around, leaving me patchy.

I thought that that wasn’t a fair shot for the product, so I decided to try a sharp graphic liner look and use the eye gloss in the centre. I defined my eyeliner (I was feeling fancy), then I filled in the empty space with the burgandy eyeshadow from the art freedom palette, then the moment of truth, the eye gloss.

This exceeded all my expectations, it applied a lot better that I ever thought it would and it didn’t bunch up in the lines on my lid, it didn’t move around when I moved my eyes, it wasn’t patchy in the slightest… It did everything that a fantastic eye gloss should ever do. This is a usable product that actually looks really nice! That said, I haven’t worn it by itself (i.e. not over an eyeshadow), but I’m loving how it looks like this!

3ina Eye Gloss

3ina Eye Gloss Makeup Look

I wasn’t going anywhere today, so after a couple of hours I removed this makeup. I can’t report on the longevity of this but I can say that it looked good until I removed it. I should also say that this felt comfortable and it didn’t make my eyelids feel sticky. Given that I was expecting a goopy mess on my eyes, I’m very impressed with this!

Very big well done 3ina! This product is really innovative and it’s bomb!