MFWA2017: Rosita Silk Sense

I find Rosita’s work impressive. All of these dresses and kaftans are hand painted by Rosita herself on silk. Every little bit of colour that you see on here, Rosita painted it. They’re not only lovely pieces to wear, they’re also beautifully painted. She’s a true, talented artist.

Rosita had a presentation at Malta Fashion Week 2017.  Male models wore hand painted silk ties  and handkerchiefs and they ushered the female models onto platforms so that the audience can get a better look at the outfits. This presentation was beautiful to watch and I certainly want one of those kaftans!

One thought on “MFWA2017: Rosita Silk Sense

  1. Kiran Menon

    Rosita’s work is amazing…! 2016-2017 CONSISTANT & truly delight for the eyes and don’t ask for the feel…it’s PURESILK!

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