What my makeup dreams are made of

This morning I reluctantly woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and got out of a dream about makeup. When I woke up and thought about my dream, I realised that during my dream I was specifically thinking of two/three products and therefore, I thought I’d share my dream, and my favourite products during my dream! haha

Ok, so my dream was set in my office. I work with a big tech company and on 99% of the people I work with are men. In my section of the building I’m the only woman and there are about 100 men. Yet, a makeup store opened in a meeting room RIGHT NEXT TO MY DESK!

In my dream, the meeting room was actually a lot bigger than any meeting rooms nearby my desk and this room was full to the brim with floor to ceiling jam packed displays of makeup. Makeup everywhere, it was like makeup heaven! I wish I could take a photo of the makeup store in my dream.

I thought it was urgent that I go to this shop as soon as possible, and I spotted a few products that I planned on stocking up on and buying all the shop’s stock of these products… You know, in case one of the 100 men on my floor decided to go to this makeup shop and buy them instead of me.

So here’s what I wanted to buy.

1. The Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara

image of the Revlon Volume + Length Magnified mascara from http://healthandbeautyblog.5pm.co.uk/

It’s been ages since I last used this mascara. I was given one of these in a Revlon  Malta PR event when this was first launched and I never wrote about it here BUT… It obviously left an impression. This mascara is beautiful. It does indeed give volume and length and it’s also not clumpy. I’m actually surprised that this is the mascara I dreamt about because at the moment I’m also quite loving the Catrice Multimiser Mascara that I started using a few weeks ago. This mascara also gives me fantastic volume and length and looks fantastic. My only issue with it is that it falls under my eyes during the day. I’ve still been wearing it almost daily though.

2. Pupa Milano Anti Eta BB Cream

Pupa BB Cream

Pupa BB Cream

This is the second product that I spotted and thought that I should frantically buy all the available stock from the shop. Obviously, I can’t let the men buy this! What if I can’t get hold of it when I want to? I wrote a review about this a while back and this is a product that I still really love. (Clearly!)

There was actually a third product that I was considering purchasing all the available stock of and his is the Revlon Colorstay foundation, my long time top favourite foundation. But then I told myself no, I’m liking the Estee Lauder Double Wear better and for the price difference, the Double Wear is worth it.

Then my alarm went off. 🙁