Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr


Recently, Catrice Malta kindly sent me a lovely PR package with some Catrice favourites and this red lipstick was one of the products.

The packaging of this lipstick looks like a crayon and this promises to be a 6 hour wear matte lipstick.

So my first impressions of this lipstick is that the colour is a perfect red and I was really impressed with how pigmented it is. One swipe gave me a full coverage.

Here’s what it looks like on my lips…

When I applied this, I found it quite difficult to get nice clear edges with this shape of bullet. It was quite difficult to get my cupid’s bow looking right. I did end up having to clean it up with some concealer.

I do love the coverage and the colour of red. It is certainly very matte but I felt like this lipstick immediately started drying out my lips.

After a couple of hours, this started to look quite dry and flaky and for this reason, I’m not a fan of this lipstick. I own many other red lipsticks and this is one that will be quite far down my list of red lipsticks of choice.

I am disappointed by how this wears because I do love the colour and the finish. That said, this isn’t a lipstick I can recommend unless your lips are perfectly moist and you’re not worried about drying and flaking.


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