My favourite dramatic lashes

So, up until I discovered these lashes, I’ve always worn more natural looking and subtle lashes. I still love wearing natural lashes, but every once in a while, I like having some more oomph and fluff around my eyeballs. I first saw these lashes on Janice from The Makeup Mafia. I saw her wearing these in a photo and I was blown away by how pretty they looked. So obviously, I asked her what she was wearing and luckily, they’re some cheap (yet amazing) lashes from eBay!

Here’s what they look like in the packaging.

Dramatic eBay Lashes

Dramatic eBay Lashes

I really love the lash band on these lashes, it really makes it easy to put them on. The first few times I tried wearing them, I tried putting them on in the same way I usually put on my more natural lashes that have a more flexible band but I was failing. These lashes can just be put on by simply popping them on the lash line and pressing them on to stick to the skin. With these lashes, I never do more than that… No need for tweezers or anything.

These lashes are really great quality and although they are super fluffy, the hairs on them look quite good since they’re matte. In the picture above, I really should have put on some more mascara at the end to blend in my natural lashes to the fluffy ones a bit better, but you can still get the picture of how these look on my eyeballs.

Anyway. These are some really cheap lashes that you can get from eBay. If you’re looking for some va va voom lashes, I highly recommend these.


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