Flormar Makeup Fix Spray Review

Flormar Makeup Fix Spray

Flormar Makeup Fix Spray

I’m always up for trying out a new setting spray. My favourite one is the Mac Fix+ spray but that’s  constantly sold out and it’s quite difficult to get hold of.

This is a more affordable setting spray and I was all up for trying this.

This comes in an aerosol can and it sprays a fine mist. I like the packaging and I love that the mist is very fine.

The directions on the product say that you should apply this in a Z motion on your face (where else?).

When I first applied this, I was overwhelmed by the smell of alcohol. It gave me the impression that I’m spraying my face with 100% alcohol because the smell did quite literally smack me in the face. I looked at the ingredients of this product and low and behold, the first ingredient is alcohol. I was shocked and horrified by what I had just sprayed on my face since my skin is quite sensitive and a dose of alcohol is the last thing it needs.

As a setting spray, it did set my makeup nicely and my makeup did last a little bit longer than in would have had I not sprayed it. That said, I only used this product once because since my skin is quite sensitive, I try my best not to give it a hard time.

I have friends who have tried this spray and loved it. For the price, I’d say that if you’re not too worried about the alcohol content in your setting spray, you may want to give this a try.