Halloween 2016: Creepy Skeleton Clown Makeup

Since Halloween is coming up I thought I’d try my hand at some creepy makeup. This look is inspired by several other creepy skeleton clowns that I’ve seen on instagram, youtube, etc.

I actually had the intention of copying a look I saw on youtube but after a few unexpected slips, I Just went with the flow and this is what I came up with. Not what I planned, but hey, it came out alright muahahaha.



This took me about an hour and a half to do and most of that time was spent on getting the points on my eyes to look very symmetrical and sharp. That said, I don’t think that creepy clown makeup should look too neat but I simply couldn’t help myself.

I started this look with a regular face of makeup with a smokey eye using Makeup Geek’s Bitten and Corrupt. After I was done with my face, eyes and eyebrows I started sketching the outline of my eyes with my Physician’s Formula eyeliner, I filled in the eyes with more Bitten and I used Corrupt to shade.

I decided to go with my personal touch of adding glitter “tears” using the Urban Decay glitter liner in Midnight Cowboy.

For the nose, I first started off by drawing a circle on the tip of my nose using Bitten with a pencil brush, then I drew the black skeleton nose outline and shaded the edges with Corrupt.

For the skeleton teeth I used NYX Milk Jumbo Liner to draw circles on my mouth then I shaded using Corrupt and deepened the outlines using the physician’s formula liner.

I finished off the look by adding some contours around the mouth using Bitten and I also tried making my face look dirty using the same shadow.

This is a pretty easy look to achieve, particularly if you don’t focus too much on getting all the lines even and precise. Since it’s a creepy halloween look, I don’t think that they need to be so sharp.

When I emerged out of my room, when Carmelo first saw me, he got a tiny little bit of a fright and called me creepy. I take that as a success haha. I was really feeling this look, I felt very creepy while wearing it. Check out the little creepy instagram video below.

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