Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette

Recently Max Factor Malta sent me some goodies and this Masterpiece Nude palette was one of them. Max Factor make three of these nude palettes: Capuccino  Nudes, Golden Nudes and the one I received, the Rose Nudes.



My very first impression of this is that this is Max Factor’s take on Urban Decay’s Naked palette range. These palettes have fewer colours and since this is a drugstore brand, this is at a much more affordable price.

The packaging of this palette is very much in line with Max Factor’s Hollywood Glamour branding with the gold packaging and I love it! It also comes with a sponge applicator (but y’all know how I feel about those).

This palette has a good selection of colours, with matte base and crease colours, shimmery colours for over the lid and your deep dark colours for a smokey eye. If it’s not your first time reading my blog you probably know that I love my warm shadows for the crease. This palette is missing matte warm shades and I find that I can’t wear an eye look using the colours in this palette alone, since I look very washed out. More on that later.

So here are the swatches of these shadows.

-MASTERPIECE NUDE PALETTE _ SwatchesWhile swatching these shadows I found the shadows to be quite crumbly and powdery. When I picked them up on my finger they felt very chalky and crumbly. That said, I did manage to get smooth and opaque swatches out of them. When I applied these over my eyes with a brush, I did get some fall out but this was easily sorted with lightly brushing it off with a fluffy brush.

Down below you can see a makeup look that I created with this palette. I started off by using the lightest shade all over my lid then I applied the matte dusty pink shade (5th from left) in my crease, and added some of the dark colours to my lid. The dark colours seem to all come off looking the same (or very similar to each other) on my lid, even though in the swatches they do look different. I felt that with the dusty rose in my crease I was looking very dull, so I ended up going over it with a warm eyeshadow (not from this palette).

I do like the first (very light matte), second (light shimmery pink) and fourth (rose gold) colours in this palette and I would wear these on my lid together with a darker warm shadow in my crease.

This look lasted a good 8 hours (in Malta’s hot summer) with no creasing. I’m actually quite impressed by the longevity of it.


Final Verdict

If you like wearing cool tones and dusty rose colours, you might want to check out this palette. It’s an affordable palette with colours to complete a cool toned rosey smokey eye. The texture of the shadows is quite powdery and chalky but you can get a full coverage out of them and they wore very well throughout the day without creasing. My biggest concern with this palette is that the dark colours all came off looking the same (or very similar to each other) when I applied them on my lid. As a personal preference, I don’t find that I can wear a complete look with this palette alone since I don’t like the dusty rose in my crease but I’m pretty sure that the warmer palettes wouldn’t have that problem.