Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Breathe

On my recent trip to Spain I kind of went nuts at Primor and one of the items I picked up was this Makeup Revolution Radiant Light powder. It comes  metallic box and the compact itself is very sturdy and it has a mirror. The powder has a ripple effect to it, it looks very pretty.

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light

From my perspective, Makeup Revolution seems to be a brand that likes creating affordable alternatives to high end makeup. These Makeup Revolution Radiant Light powders seem to be alternatives to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.

Here’s what Makeup Revolution says about these radiant light powders:

Radiance & Light in a compact. Swoon at our new breathtaking NEW Radiant Lights Illuminating Baked Powders.

Subtle shades to breathe illumination and light in to the complexion.
Baked to perfection our Radiant Lights will bring Instant Illumination to Your Skin or specific Highlighting. Enclosed in handbag friendly mirror compact and available in 3 stunning shades. Breathe, Exhale and Glow

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Swatch

So here’s what a swatch of this powder looks like. Honestly, it’s barely there. It does have a bit of a pinky champagne look to it and its shimmer is very subtle.

I personally don’t mind that this is extremely subtle as a highlight, there are days when I like wearing more subtle makeup looks and this is perfect for one of those days.

Makep Revolution Radiant Light Swatch

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Swatch

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Makeup Look

So here’s a makeup look where I wore this powder as a highlight. I pot this on the top of my cheek bones, on top of my brow arch, at the tip of my nose and on my cupid’s bow.

I actually think that this is my perfect highlight for highlighting my nose even when I’m going for a more intense highlighted look. For some reason, these days I’m not a big fan of the disco ball on the tip of the nose look. But this very subtle highlight is very stunning.

As for the cheekbones, this to me almost looks like I haven’t highlighted at all although in person I could tell that there was something there. I did pack it on quite a bit. It really is for those days when I don’t want to look super highlighted but still want something there.

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light

I have also tried wearing this as an all over face powder in the same way that Hourglass recommends using their Ambient Lighting powders. I don’t see much of a difference in doing so. To get this powder to show up at all it needs to be packed on quite heavily. I wouldn’t say that it’s ideal for that real life instagram filter kind of look.

Final Verdict

As I mentioned, this Makeup Revolution Radiant Light powder is very subtle. I could see how it was inspired from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders but this performs nowhere near as well as the Hourglass powders. That said, I do love this for highlighting the tip of my nose and as a very subtle highlight. From the Makeup Revolution website it costs £5 and honestly, given how subtle it is, I’m not sure whether I’d say that it’s worth that price. Makeup Revolution do a trio palette with these Radiant Lights powders for £8 and I would say that that palette would be more worthwhile.