Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

This is quite possibly my favourite body scrub so I had to share it.

Here’s what Lush says about this scrub:

Lime, grapefruit and lashings of salt go into this invigorating scrub. The salty, citrus fragrance is refreshing on the skin and mind, like diving into the cool blue ocean.

Sea salt is rich in minerals and excellent for scrubbing away any dead skin. We also added rich, silky avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute to keep your skin soft, smooth and conditioned.

This removes my dead skin and instantly leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I love the scent!

This is advertised as a face and body scrub but I find the salt in it to be too harsh for my face. Also,¬†whenever I try using it on my face, it gets on my lips and somehow I always taste it and… It tastes nasty!






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