Morphe Eye Brushes Review — M441, M505, M507 & M511

Morphe Eye Brushes

Morphe Eye Brushes

Three months ago I purchased these Morphe Brushes from Beauty Bay and now it’s time to review them! From left to right, these brushes are:

  1. M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush
  2. M505 Point Blender Brush
  3. M507 Pointed Mini Blender Brush
  4. M511 Large Round Blender Brush

The brushes with the white bristles are natural hair brushes and the ones with black bristles are ones with synthetic hairs. All four of these brushes are blending brushes… I love my blending!

Morphe products are very affordable and although I’m not impressed with the eyeshadow palette that I’ve tried, I do like two out of four of these brushes and I’ve been using them daily since I purchased them.

The brushes I love are the M505 and the M507 — the two synthetic ones. The M505 is a big bending brush that is tapered at the end and the M507 is very similar in shape but it’s smaller. These brushes are fantastic for blending. Since they are tapered, most of the eyeshadow is dispensed with the pointy end and less shadow is dispensed with the shorter bristles. This makes blending shadows much easier. The M505 is fantastic for laying down my transition shades and I use the M507 to deepen my crease.

The natural hair brushes aren’t a big hit with me unfortunately. The bristles got very frazzled after the first wash and both brushes got a lot wider than they were originally. Currently, I use the M441 for all over blending after I’ve finished my crease with the M505 and M507 (I do that sometimes, not very often) and I use the M511 for highlighting my face. The M511 is so wide now that it’s too big to use as a blending brush on my eyes. I wouldn’t recommend these two brushes for use on the eyes. I use them because I have them but I’m not keen on them.

Essentially, for the price, the synthetic hair brushes are well worth it. I wouldn’t bother buying the natural hair brushes, I’m not into the idea of my eye brushes morphing (Badum Tsss) into face brushes after a few washes.


2 thoughts on “Morphe Eye Brushes Review — M441, M505, M507 & M511

  1. Maita Bobis

    Use a brush guard for the white bristles after washing them, since they are natural goat hair, it will definitely splay once you cleanse them or use them. The brush guards will keep it in it’s original form. It happens even to MAC brushes.

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