A Mac Lipstick Dupe that’s unheard of!

This week I got invited to a blogger’s event for the brands Essence and Catrice and one of the products I came across at the event (and was also gifted to me) is a very close colour dupe to Mac’s Lipstick in Rebel!

So here it is, the Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in 070 Plum and Base.

Catrice Ultimite Lipstick 070

Catrice Ultimite Lipstick in Plum & Base 070  (swatched indoors)

Check out the side by side swatch of Plum & Base and Rebel. The colours are certainly very similar, Rebel is very slightly darker. I must say, the Catrice Plum & Base is smoother when swatched, Rebel can go on a little patchy/streaky and it’s more difficult to get a smooth finish out of it. Both lipsticks have a similar finish — satin.

Mac Rebel Dupe

Mac Rebel vs. Catrice Plum & Base (swatched outdoors)

These two lipsticks are certainly very close in colour however I wouldn’t call these an all-round dupe. The biggest difference between the two lipsticks is that Mac’s Rebel leaves a stain while the Catrice Plum and Base doesn’t. After eating, Mac’s Rebel fades into the stain, making it less obvious that my lipstick is wearing off. Even though the Catrice Plum and Base is quite long wearing, it doesn’t stay put as well as Rebel after eating. Of course, you can always wear a stain underneath the Catrice Plum and Base if you want to 🙂

Another difference between the two lipsticks is the shape of the bullet. The Catrice Plum and Base is flat at the top while the Mac Rebel lipstick is pointy — this possibly makes Rebel easier to apply precisely.

Both are very comfortable to wear and they don’t dry out my lips.

The biggest difference is the price. The Mac lipstick costs 19 EUR while the Catrice lipstick costs 4.95 EUR, almost a quarter of the price.


Makeup loop wearing Catrice Plum & Base 070

Here’s a makeup look using the Catrice Plum and Base lipstick. It felt very comfortable on the lips during the 4 hours of wear that I got out of it before I removed it to have lunch.

Final Verdict

If you’re in love with Mac’s Rebel lipstick for it’s colour, the Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Plum & Base is a very close colour dupe at a fraction of the price. It’s smoother to apply and it’s long wearing and comfortable. Mac’s lipstick in Rebel leaves a stain on the lips, making it less obvious when it starts to fade. Whether or not that’s worth paying 15 EUR more for is up to you 🙂

Plum & Base Besos!

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