Claws! | Elegant Touch Totally Bare 003

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Soo… I was wondering around the supermarket and these press on nails caught my eye. I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to give them a go 😀

They’re the Elegant Touch Totally Bare 003 nails and they’re in a stiletto shape.

I haven’t worn press on nails in a while, mainly because the last time I wore press on nails I was on a second date and one of them fell off. I spent the rest of the date trying to hide my finger.

This time, I prepared myself. First off, I’ve been dating my bf for a while. He would understand if my nails malfunction. Secondly, I painted my nails in a light nude colour (as opposed to the dark red shade I wore on my date where my nails malfunctioned). And finally, I quickly put my spare nails, nail glue and nail polish in my handbag. If one pops of, I’m prepared!

The nail sizes that came with this packet were great, I found nails that fit each of my nails and I think I might have enough nails to wear these nails again.

I used the nail glue that came with this packet, it’s better than any nail glue I’ve ever tried. It stuck my nails on very quickly and a week and a half later, these nails are still going strong.

Now, although this nail glue stuck my nails on quite well, my nails still feel like something is stuck on them as opposed to when I get gel manicures and they feel like they’re my own (and not like they might pop off if I’m not careful).

Next, I think that these nails look gorgeous but they’re so impractical for work! I can’t type in these, so after two days of wearing these gorgeous claws, I filed them down to a short square shape for practical reasons. They filed down easily and nicely and they look very natural as they are now.

All in all I’m quite pleased with these as press on nails. I do still prefer actual gel manicures rather than press on nails though 🙂




6 thoughts on “Claws! | Elegant Touch Totally Bare 003

  1. BeautyByDaisyChain

    I’ve tried that brand at Christmas and they seemed to work well. Have you tried brush on glue before? it can be a life saver haha. That polish is a gorgeous colour, might help me get away with nail polish at school haha

    Fancy checking out my latest post?

  2. Sandra

    Oh I’m just getting into wearing falsies again so will def check this brand out.May even get the same shape if I’m feeling adventurous.

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