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Makeup Geek Dirty Martini

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini

A while back I posted a makeup look, review & swatches of Makeup Geek’s Dirty Martini eyeshadow. (Check it out here).

Since then, Manny MUA (makeup artist & youtuber extraordinaire) posted an olive green smokey eye tutorial on his youtube channel using this shadow!

I got excited about this mainly because 1) he’s using a shadow that I have, 2) he did a fantastic job with it!

So I gave this look a go and here it is.

For the mysterious burnt orange/brown shade that Manny used, I mixed MUG’s Latte & Chickadee then used a tiny but of Latte mixed with Cocoa Bear below that. (How can I leave out Cocoa Bear?)

For the black base, I used the NYX jumbo liner in Bean. This was a mistake, it’s way too slippery and I don’t really like it as a base. Manny used a gel liner and that’s a much better way to go.

I also wore a different lippie since I wasn’t too keen on Manny’s choice. This is the DeliPlus Number 1 long wearing lipstick.


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