Everyday Summer Makeup Look

Let’s face it, I like makeup and I like wearing makeup in summer, even when it’s hot. Here in Birmingham we had our 1 week of summer a couple of weeks ago, now it’s back to cloudy, rainy 17 degree weather.

That said, I am from Malta and grew up with hot Maltese summers, so I do have alterations for my summer makeup routine that I know work in hot climates. My everyday makeup looks the same as it would look in winter. I might be inspired to be more colourful and bright in summer but that doesn’t mean that if I would shy away from wearing dark makeup that would usually be associated with wintry months.

My everyday looks vary a lot depending on my mood, how much time I make for putting on makeup and how artsy I’m feeling that day. It can go from a very basic concealer, mascara and some lipstick to full on glam. That said, I do have an eye look that makes me feel bright and summery (even though it’s not something I only wear in summer).


A summery look

My face makeup is probably what differs most between summery days and wintry days. I am very conscious of sun damage and I try my best to keep my skin protected.

When I go out during the day I always mix in some Missha BB Cream to my regular foundation for SPF 42 protection. SPF protection wears off, so at least once a day I top off my makeup with a translucent powder with SPF (after blotting away any excess oil). At the moment I’m liking the Physician’s Formula Airbrushed Pressed powder with SPF 30. Some companies have come out with setting sprays with SPF, but I’m not convinced that they would give the necessary protection. With SPF  it’s important to make sure that all the skin is properly covered, I’m not convinced that a mist can do that sufficiently, so I opt for a powder. I cake it on quite a bit, since I do use it for protection, but then I set it with a regular setting spray, and it doesn’t look powdery. (It does look horribly powdery without the spray).

My eye makeup consists of a crease eyeshadow to deepen the crease and something neutral (possibly sparkly) on the lid. For this look I don’t like big winged liner, instead I go for a push liner just to define my lash lines. For lashes, I personally don’t like wearing lashes on the daily, and I simply apply a lot of mascara to make that the focus for my eye makeup. In hot weather I like going for waterproof makeup as much as possible to prevent creasing and transfer.

For lips, I tend to just pick whatever colour I’m in the mood for on the particular day. It can be anything — a lot of lip colours would suit this look varying from very neutral to very bold.

So yeah, that’s my take on summer makeup. What’s yours?