My no heat curly hair care – Day 11 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Hair ProductsBack in November I cut my hair from very long (butt length) to medium length (just past my shoulders). I noticed a change in the texture of my hair, it was less frizzy. Before cutting it, my hair appeared healthy, so much so that the hair dresser asked me about ten times about whether I actually want to cut my long healthy hair so short since a lot of girls go into the salon asking for extensions. I was sure, I just wanted the change.

So my hair appeared very healthy but somehow, cutting it made it healthier anyway. It got its bounce back and it lost the frizz. I noticed that when my hair air dried, I didn’t need to use any heat to style it and I learnt that keeping my hair healthy gives me frizz free hair that doesn’t need heat styling.

My favourite hair mask to repair my hair is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. I put this on after I put on my regular shampoo and conditioner and leave it in for 10 to 20 mins. It works really well and I find it far superior to other hair masks I’ve ever tried.

Another hair mask that’s quite interesting is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. This is interesting because it’s applied before shampoo. To use this, I first wet my hair, apply it evenly across my whole head, cover my hair with a shower cap and I leave it on for 20-30 mins. Then I rinse it out and shampoo, condition, etc. my hair as usual. It leaves my hair feeling like pure silk.

To style my hair,  I have two methods. The first (and my favourite lately) is simply using the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment in my hair, letting my hair air dry, then when it’s almost dry I tie it up in a tight pony tail at the bottom of my head then I tightly twist it and wrap it in a tight bun. I leave my hair like this for 6-8 hours and when I let it down, I’m left with loose waves that are frizz free.

My second way of styling my hair is using one of two products. Either the 10 in 1 styling treatment by Got2B or the Aussie Curl and Define Mousse. I apply both these products in the same way. I first use some macadamia oil on my hair and then I apply the styling product liberally. I put my fingers through my hair (at my scalp) and shake it out. Then I scrunch my hair and let it air dry. My hair goes crispy with these products. I let it dry completely to crispy, then I scrunch it to remove the crisp. I’m left with curls that are defined and frizz free.

Another product that’s worth a mention in this post is the Tangle Teezer comb. It’s not only important to keep your hair moisturised and each strand healthy, but with curly hair, if strands aren’t cut at the same length, the hair can go frizzy. Therefore, if you get breakage, this may lead to frizz.

When combing hair, don’t be rough. If you hair is very tangled, make sure that you start combing through the bottom, then working your way up. If you start combing from root to tip, it will tighten the knots towards the bottom of your hair, leaving you with a knotted bunch of hair towards your ends. The brush you use also makes an impact on detangling. The tangle teezer changed my life. I don’t know what about it makes it work so well but it makes detangling hair very easy. I’ve tried dupes of this brush but nothing seems to work in the same way. The combination of using a good detangling brush and working from bottom to top with detangling will prevent breakage and prevents frizz.

Whoa… that’s a long blog post. I hope you found this interesting and do let me know what you think!